If you are someone who loves gaming, you’re surely ecstatic about the wide variety of options that are available on the market. What is more, you probably also love the fact that most games can now be played when on the go. While game developers realize how much of our time we spend on our portable devices, not all of them have decided to create a dedicated app for their game. Some of them are sticking to only offering their game(s) through a browser. 

However, as always, there are pros and cons to both playing in a browser and downloading the actual game. Keep on reading as we’ll compare the two approaches and see if there is a method that is a clear winner.

Playing Games, In Browser, Vs, Downloading App

Playing in a browser

Whether it’s on a PC or on a portable device like a tablet or smartphone, individuals can use their web browsers to access the huge offer of online games. Some creators don’t feel the need to make an app for their content seeing as how it is easy to access the same through popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Plus, by ensuring their website is mobile-friendly and responsive, there is no reason to believe their users will have any problems when playing the games that are being offered.

Downloading an app

On the other hand, certain games are available only if a player downloads and installs an app to their mobile device. The game creator’s website and app stores allow players to download the game either for free or at a set price. Game creators usually decide to develop an app for the game if they think that it could provide the players with more options and improve the overall experience.

How do they compare?

How do apps differ from browser games?

The difference in features

One aspect that can be compared when it comes to app vs. browser is the game features. For example, while phones are very advanced and fast these days, most of them still have a reasonably small screen. This can pose a problem if the gameplay has many options. In some cases, there are features that overlap, are too small, or are simply not there at all in apps. That is why games like online games are best played through a browser and on devices that have a decent screen size that can display everything that the game has to offer. What is more, laptops and desktops usually have better graphics and processing power, which is why some games are only available in web browsers. On the other hand, there are game creators that release premium versions of their games in the form of a downloadable app. These versions usually offer a wider variety of features but the app is not free. If you can’t decide whether downloading an app is worth it, you should take a look at the reviews as they will surely help you make up your mind.

The issue of accessibility

Another aspect that goes hand-in-hand with purchasing apps is accessibility. While there are some apps that do need purchasing, most apps nowadays are free but come with in-game purchases and ads. This is how game creators actually earn money through their games. Once the game is downloaded and installed, there is nothing else to do until an update is released. That means that the game can be played wherever and whenever. Commuting can appear much shorter and waiting in line is a whole lot more fun. However, something that is essential to look up is whether the game requires internet access. Games that can be downloaded and played without using the internet are much more accessible to people who cannot afford to spend their cellular data on gaming and have no Wi-Fi when outside their homes. On the other hand, in order to play a browser game, one definitely needs internet access to be able to open it in the first place. When downloading an app, always read the description as there you can find whether it can be played offline or not. Implosion: Never Lose Hope and Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition are just some of the Android offerings you can play offline; however, you will need to part with some money for this option.

The storage and battery problems

Then, we encounter the storage problem that many people have. To be able to play a game offline, you have to download it and install it onto your mobile device. The issue here is that users can often run out of storage, especially if they want to have several games on their phones. On the other hand, playing games in a browser does not take up any space on the phone, other than the browser itself which is usually already installed. Furthermore, games are very demanding on the phone’s battery so you will probably need to carry a charger and power bank around with you. If you plan on some intensive gaming, chances are you will run out of battery before lunch.

Have you made your own conclusions about which approach is better? Truth be told, it depends on the individual user and the game(s) they want to play. If you’re a person that is always on the move, the answer is obvious. But for those that perhaps might have a storage issue or are unable to get decent mobile coverage, settling for the browser alternative is a no-brainer. 


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