Wi-Fi or Ethernet, which is better for online gaming? This is the question every gamer has in his/her mind. This is a very common question but still, gamers are not sure either they should do gaming on a wired connection or wireless connection. We are going to talk about the differences between wired connections and wireless connections and decide the best one for online gaming.

Wireless and wired connection: Basic differences

Many people do gaming on wireless connections because of many reasons. If there are multiple users in your house or if the router and modem are set up at a distance from your PC or your console, you would probably be doing online gaming on a Wi-Fi connection. A wireless connection transmits data through wireless signals whereas a wired connection transmits data over cable. With the Wi-Fi connection, you just need a router connected to your modem and you don’t need a cable or a wire connected to your device to get internet. With the Wi-Fi service, you can connect multiple devices at the same time. An Ethernet connection requires an Ethernet cable connected to the device to get the internet. Both wired and wireless connection has its pros and cons.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet, which connection is fast and reliable?

An Ethernet connection is faster than a Wi-Fi connection, as it transmits data directly to your device. It would be more like a dedicated network. With the wireless connection, the signals would be shared with other devices as well which are connected to your internet. That will reduce your speed and you will be facing issues while playing games online. You will be facing high latency and that will affect your overall performance. An Ethernet connection is more reliable as it is unaffected by physical objects. With Wi-Fi, the probability of signal drop is more as it does not transmit data through cable or wires. It could be affected by physical objects and electrical devices. Consequently, it blocks your signals and your speed will go down for sure. Aim for low latency and high-speed internet. Try to get an elite gamer base connection, if you do gaming on the PC system. It will help your network enhance its speed. You will be facing less lag and will be getting a better connection to your server.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet, which connection is more secure?

A wired connection offers you more security than a wireless connection. Your device can be easily hacked if you are using the internet through a wireless connection. Anyone can easily access your data if you are using the internet through a wireless connection as the Wi-Fi data travels through air, it can be easily interrupted. Try to get internet security anyway, as the data travels through air or cable is not encrypted but it is easier for a hacker to access your device if you are using internet service through the Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet, which connection is best for gaming?

When we talk about a wired Ethernet connection, you get a fast speed of the internet with no connection interference. You will only be facing interference if your modem or your cable is damaged. If everything is good at your end, you will not be facing issues regarding the performance. The performance would be incredible with the wired Ethernet connection and it will be reliable as well. It is less costly as you just need a cable wire to connect the internet to your PC system or console. It would not be so convenient if the modem is far away. With the wireless connection, you get a good speed of the internet but it would be shared with other connected devices as well. You might face issues like high latency, more lag, and more ping when you connect your device to the wireless connection so it is not as reliable as the wired Ethernet connection. But with the wireless connection, you can connect your device to the internet from anywhere in your house within the router radius, you just need good quality signals. So it is more convenient than an Ethernet connection. It can be expensive because you will be needing a good quality router. For online gaming, a wired connection through an ethernet cable is the best.


If you do online gaming on a mobile phone or tablet, you need a wireless connection for sure. But if you play multiplayer games online, a wired Ethernet connection would be best for you as it is way better than a wireless connection when it comes to speed, latency, reliability, and security. While playing the games online, you will have peace of mind that your device is secure. So get a wired Ethernet connection if you play games online.


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