There is an ongoing debate about the negative effects of video games on education but this issue is more complicated than it seems. Virtual entertainment isn’t something new as teenagers of every period had their ways of procrastinating and video games are just the newest invention. Sure, it is much more pleasant playing Minecraft for six hours than writing your paper assignment, but a line must be drawn somewhere. When your grades start suffering due to extensive video gaming, maybe it is time to take a little break and use your laptop for some learning. Virtual fun is more affordable than ever but despite negative effects on learning, UK students may even experience some benefits from their prolonged gaming sessions.

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Video Games And Grades Does Not Get Along Very Well

Our generation grew up playing arcades and Nintendo so today’s sophisticated titles with flawless graphics seem like virtual reality. Even we had trouble concentrating in school and preparing for final exams, so these kids today are in big trouble. Professionals and experts are saying that video games and academic performance do not get along and that spending more time gaming will make your grade suffer. This is due to a lack of focus and energy that was drained after hours of playing Assassin’s Creed on your Xbox. Your academic life will suffer as a result which can have a negative effect on your future.

These are arguments against video games in education because but many people think that the targeted use of specially designed titles might even help students learn something. Students who do spend an excessive amount of time gaming may need some professionals to help with their coursework and studying. Most UK students can count on assistance with coursework if they let gaming take the better of them. Academic excellence can be achieved with some professional assistance and there is nothing wrong with that. It is better to pay for fixing your grades than to pay the price of not focusing enough on your studies.

Positive Video Games Effect On Education

Imagine a video game that could make your grades better and learning more fun. That is a dream of every student, and some say it is quite possible to make such software in the future. There are some educational titles for children, and even shooting titles like Call of Duty can develop cat-like reflexes. We are, however, talking about custom-made titles that will help you improve skills like writing or memorizing. Their goal is to make them fun and instructional at the same time.

Most writers among students can use professional services to boost their skills but future experts in a variety of professions could also use virtual learning as well. Future surgeons, drivers, or pilots can use simulators for learning their skills and this software is already in use. You can access many smart games online for free and try to improve your problem-solving skills to their maximum limits. These skills will help you get better grades and will make learning much easier, so try working on your:

- Creative thinking
- Analytical skills
- Emotional Intelligence
- Prioritizing

Try Reading vs Video Games Instead

Those addicted to gaming might not find books so compelling but we urge you to give it a try anyway. Engaging your brain cells and imagination is sometimes more important than mindless strolling through designed levels of a video game. If you liked watching those high school tv-shows like Saved by the bell, you could get a glimpse of a time when students used to like reading. These good old days are coming back in an online format where one can access virtual libraries with thousands of books on any topic required. Maybe this interactive reading will make students believe that reading is cool again.

Despite video games' effect on education, pupils sometimes play them just to relax or ease that anxiety from their exams or studies. When one looks at things from that perspective, gaming can have positive effects on young minds. Many times, violent titles are a great filter for channeling our frustrations, and they also help us escape reality for a few hours. With all game genres available today, one can pick his poison, but it is important to control yourself and be temperate. Finish your assignment and then go back to playing your games.

One’s academic future shouldn’t depend on his obsession with Dota 2, so try being moderate in your gaming. If you ever need any help with an assignment that needs to be finished by tomorrow, but you spent too much time gaming, ask professionals for help. Meanwhile, use smart games for developing useful skills that will make your learning process more productive. That is how you will turn things to your advantage.


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