Macs are computers with great design, speed, and performance. Macs also provide their users with high-quality visuals and music.

On the other hand, a Macbook is unprotected from all kinds of technical problems caused by not taking care of the computer or simply because the Mac is quite old.

One of the annoying issues that a lot of Mac users experience is loud fan noise. Therefore today, we will share eight steps to solve the problem.

Step #1: Confirm That the Vent Are Not Blocked

If you tend to keep your MacBook on the bed, on your lap, or any other surface that could block the air vents, this may be the factor that is causing a loud fan noise. If the air vent is blocked when you are using the computer, your MacBook is unable to ventilate itself, starts heating up, and causes the fan to work harder.

To avoid this issue, try to keep your MacBook on a desk or purchase a special stand for a laptop if you want to keep it on your sofa or any other soft surface.

Mac, Reduce Loud Fan Noise

Step #2: Make Sure the Room Temperature Is Not Too Hot

Living in a place with a hot climate might also influence the loud fan noise. If the room temperature is too hot, your computer will heat up as well; therefore, the fans will start working harder to cool the computer down. Also, the heat won’t help with being more productive as well.

One of the solutions is to install an air conditioning system at your home. Surely, it may be quite expensive, but if it is too hot for your computer, you might also be living in discomfort for years. Another solution is to purchase a good cooling pad for your Mac.

Step #3: Check CPU

If your CPU is experiencing a heavy load, you will likely start hearing a loud fan noise. To better understand what is using up the most resources on your Mac, open the Activity Monitor. To view the Activity Monitor menu, press Command + Space on your Magic Keyboard to open the Spotlight Search.

In the Spotlight Search, simply type in “Activity Monitor” and hit Enter. Now, make sure that you select the CPU tab, and you will be able to see which apps are using up most of the resources. If the apps that are putting your Mac on a heavy load the most are just running in the background and have no use for you at the moment, close them, and the loud fan noise should stop.

Step #4: Ensure Good Air Circulation

Even if you are keeping your MacBook on an even surface like a table, it still does not ensure the best air circulation that helps cool down the computer. If you want your Mac to have perfect air circulation, you can place it on a specialized stand.

Mac, Reduce Loud Fan Noise

Step #5: Clean the Outside of Your Mac

If you are constantly having loud fan issues, then regularly cleaning your Mac from dust is important. Make sure you clean the MacBook and keep it on a clean surface because both the dust and dirt on the desk and on the Mac will reach the inside of your computer, and after some time, it will be harder for the fans to function properly.

If possible, also open the MacBook once in a while to clean the inside of your computer because no matter how clean your home is, the dust will still accumulate inside of your MacBook over time.

Step #6: Have Enough Free Disk Space

Having free disk space is important for Mac’s performance and speed. You should always have at least 10% of free disk space and, if possible, even 15%.

If a Mac becomes slow and you are still trying to run high-resolution video games on it, it will start working harder to deal with the increased memory usage, which may cause heating and lead to loud fan noise.

To solve or avoid this issue, check your storage space by clicking on the Apple icon, clicking About This Mac, and choosing the Storage tab. This menu will show you how much free space you still have. More to it, if you click the Manage button, you will find some useful advice that will help you free up more disk space on your Mac.

Step #7: Check the Adapter

It is important that you use an official Apple adapter to charge your MacBook. Using a non-original may be causing the problem of loud fan noise and also be not healthy for your Mac’s battery.

Mac, Reduce Loud Fan Noise

Step #8: Reset the System Management Controller

If none of the steps have helped you solve loud fan noise, try resetting the SMC. To do so, shut down the computer and hold down the power button and the Shift + Control + Option keys together. Afterward, turn on your Mac the regular way and see if the issue is gone.


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