Video games are constantly finding new ways to catch the imagination of those playing, and one of the most common ways that this has been done is by incorporating a casino element into the game. This is often done in the form of mini-casino games, with some of the most exciting titles having adopted this gameplay. These are some of the most popular titles that you can play that have a casino-game element.

Fallout: New Vegas

It’s no surprise that a game with ‘Vegas’ in the title has included gambling in the gameplay. The game's main objective is to get a package from one side of the Mojave Desert to the city that was once Sin City itself. The game sees the player encounter numerous characters, some of which become allies, while others become rivals.

However, there is a gambling element to the game, as players will be able to play a number of casino games, which are low-deposit. These games not only help your increase your bankroll, but players are also rewarded when winning by getting free food and drink, which enhance your health. Fallout: New Vegas is still regarded as one of the best in the Fallout series, and has sold over 12 million copies around the world.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

It isn’t just games with Vegas in their name that have a gambling element to them, as one of the most popular Game Boy games of all time was ahead of the wave when it came to the popularity of slots titles. In Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, Celadon City was the spot for trainers to play slots games in the hope of winning coins to get prizes. The casino is also part of the gameplay itself, as it was used as the hideout for Team Rocket.

Players who played the game throughout their childhood would have spent an awful lot of time in the casino, as they looked to get the number of coins that they needed to get a Porygon. It was the only place in the game to get that Pokemon. Players could also use their coins to get a Dratini, Scyther, or Pinsir depending on the game that they were playing. The Celadon Casino was also included in the recent release of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, but players weren’t able to play the slots.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto has constantly been a series that has struck the balance between realism and gaming to a fine tee. In the 2004 release, players could play some of their favorite casino games when they got to the city based on Las Vegas, Las Venturas. Players would be able to play blackjack and slots among other titles.

This game is still revered as one of the trailblazers of the sector and went on to sell over 28 million copies. It was the best-selling game of all time on the PlayStation 2 and was later remastered and released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Play Online Slots

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