Blade & Soul: Revolution Has A Loading Mini-game, So Here's Footage

Blade & Soul: Revolution now being made for mobile devices under another Korean giant, Netmarble, the game has a chance at revitalizing its image.

By Daavpuke, Posted 18 Mar 2021

Who out there remembers Blade & Soul? Once seen as the next big thing since Guild Wars 2, under Korean publisher NCSoft, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a fantastical setting never achieved the waves it set out to make. Well, with the game now being made for mobile devices under another Korean giant, Netmarble, the game has a chance at revitalizing its image.

Under the new moniker, Blade & Soul: Revolution, you'll once again be able to adventure through this Eastern setting, on your quest for revenge. It's like Shenmue, but with more flying.

As pre-registered devices are able to now load the game up before launch, the game's large download size has become apparent. Around 3.7GB of additional data will be required, after downloading the app itself. Be sure you're on Wi-Fi when you hit that download button! Double-check, if necessary, because that's a lot of data to blow.

Considering the sizable download, Blade & Soul: Revolution has added a neat mini-game that can be played underneath the progress bar. Finally, after years of Bandai Namco holding the patent for this system, we're able to play games while waiting to play games again! We've recorded what this gameplay looks like in real-time, which you can see below.


The 2D platformer follows the endless runner model, where the character automatically runs to the right. One button press allows for a small jump, with the goal being the collection of coins, while avoiding deadly spikes. Right off the bat, you'll notice in the video that there might be a few stability issues at first, as power is prioritized for a smooth download first and foremost. Luckily, the sudden prompts even out pretty quickly.

Additionally, this wasn't immediately clear, but a second button press while mid-air will activate the glide mechanism used in the MMORPG. Please forgive me in my mimicking a Cuphead tutorial. This glide, which eventually makes it into the gameplay footage, will allow the character to reach otherwise awkwardly placed coins. The added layer also comes in handy in later evolutions of the mini-game, as the environment slowly changes.

Lastly, once the data is downloaded and ready for install, Blade & Soul: Revolution allows you to watch some promotional videos of the features within the MMORPG, in case you need a refresher. These reels can continue while playing the mini-game as well, as an added bonus.

We urge you to watch our gameplay video, to see the details in action. It does the soul good to see this tiny element in game design pop its head back up. Blade & Soul: Revolution is free to play and will launch shortly.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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