The reputable and leading developer Evolution Gaming has added a new exciting title to its library - Crazy Time. This is a live game, similar to Dream Catcher, another extremely popular title by this provider. The colorful new addition promises a lot of great prizes and an equally exciting gaming experience. If you're wondering if this is the right game for you, we cover everything you need to know about Crazy Time in this article.

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About Crazy Time 

If you have played live casino games before, you're familiar with the advantages of playing live. You get to enjoy an engaging gaming experience in real-time. In terms of the setting, the game is set at a state-of-the-art studio with vibrant colors that match the fun theme of the game, while the entertaining presenter further creates an upbeat atmosphere for the players.  

As we said before, it's quite similar to Dream Catcher, but there are special features that make this game unique. For example, there are four bonus games for you to explore. If you haven't played this type of game before, or you want to implement a successful game strategy, make sure to check out this article that offers an in-depth explanation about the Crazy Time game strategy

You will actually be able to learn more about four different strategies and find one that works best for your budget and goals. Also, there is useful information about different features of the game. But, as always, keep in mind that this a game of chance, and there is a level of luck involved.  

Main Features 

The key feature of the game is the colorful Crazy Time wheel. The presenter will start the game by spinning the wheel, and then one of the following outcomes is possible. You could hit a number or a bonus round. There are a total of 54 slots which represent the numbers, and four bonus features. There are four numbers available – 1, 10, 5, and 2. It's worth noting that you can place your wager on one number, a bonus round, multiple bonuses, or numbers, or you could also pick all bonus games.  

In addition, there is one amazing feature that can enhance your winnings, and that is the Top Slot, which is located on top of the Crazy Time wheel. It runs alongside the Crazy Time wheel and randomly generates a multiplier for a bet spot in every round. In case the bet spot from the Crazy Time wheel aligns with the bet spot from the Top Slot, your winning will be multiplied accordingly. Or, if you have bet on a bonus game, then it will multiply the multipliers from the bonus round.  

Bonus Games 

There are four bonus games - Coin Flip, Crazy Time, Cash Hunt, and Pachinko. They are definitely one of the reasons why this is an exciting game. In Pachinko, the bonus game includes a Pachinko wall and physical pegs. The game host drops the puck, and you could unlock a multiplier based on the location of the puck. For example, if the puck lands in the prize zone titled 'Double, the other multipliers are doubled. Plus, the good news is that the puck is dropped until a multiplier is won.  

In Cash Hunt, you could win different multipliers. This is essentially a shooting game, and all you need to do is pick a target, and then the cannon will shoot at your target, revealing your reward. The Coin Flip Bonus Game, as the name suggests, features a coin that is automatically flipped. You could either win a red or blue award. Before the coin is flipped, two multipliers are randomly chosen for both of these sides. The winning side is the one facing up.  

Lastly, Crazy Time is the most exciting bonus game where you will be led to another room that has a wheel of fortune with amazing prizes. You just need to choose a flapper before the host spins the wheel. You could potentially win 20.000x your stake. Keep in mind that the RTP rate of the game is 96.8%. 


This game is completely mobile-friendly and accessible across your mobile devices. Hence, you can play it whenever you want, on your smartphone or personal computer. The smooth gaming experience is enhanced with rewarding bonus rounds, while you can also unlock the multipliers from the Top Slot on each round. In conclusion, this new game is thrilling, fast-paced, and extremely fun for both beginners and more experienced players.


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