In January, Valve announced the winners of the 2020 Steam Awards. From December 22, 9:00 p.m. ET to January 3, digital store users could vote for one of the games in ten different categories. Voting ended two days before the end of the annual winter sale.

In the category “Best Soundtrack” the users choose DOOM Eternal. No wonder, as the game attracted numerous players not only by its mechanics but also because of its vivid playlists – already for several years. Among the candidates, there were Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Helltaker, NFS: Deluxe Edition, and Persona 4 Golden.

Valve also posted a congratulatory 12-minute video showing all the winners of the Steam Awards 2020. It can be viewed on the awards page. However, it is clear that the DOOM music is rather specific and not everyone prefers this kind of soundtrack while playing.

Some of us will say that the best soundtracks are from old-school games as we recognize them the very second the first notes are playing. If you are one of those, you’ll definitely like to spend some evenings playing Mario, Legends of Zelda, and Dragonball Z. Try out Pokemon Platinum ROM and immerse in the world of familiar and beloved soundtracks.

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More of Great Soundtracks

In search of good music, we looked into even the darkest and most remote corners of the industry. Most likely, you will learn about some games of 2020 only from this post. There is no division into any places and no logical order – just the selection of games with great music.

- Final Fantasy VII Remake

Let's start with the soundtrack of the Final Fantasy VII Remake – so familiar but in many ways different. It was recently named the best soundtrack at the TGA in 2020. And this decision is somewhat understandable: the already excellent soundtrack in the remake has only been improved.

Final Fantasy VII's midi soundtrack is one of the most memorable in video game history. They even managed to remake it several times: in a remaster, on a disc with an updated soundtrack, and also partially in a prequel and in an animated sequel.

- Hades

Darren Korb, the author of all game soundtracks from Supergiant Games, is one of the most talented composers who write music for video games. Every time a soundtrack comes out from him, it automatically gets into the lists of the best music of the year. And it's all about Korb's incredible flair for catchy melodies.

This time, his soundtrack has a lot more metal, which is logical. The game is dedicated to the escape from the Kingdom of Hades, which is full of adrenaline fights. Guitar riffs perfectly convey the tension of the battles.

- Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is another rogue-lite that was available in early access this year. What makes this game similar to Hades is that it has an excellent soundtrack.

- Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero was heavily inspired by Twin Peaks while releasing five episodes of the game for seven whole years. Unsurprisingly, its ambient soundtrack is so similar to Angelo Badalamenti's music for the David Lynch series.

- Cloudpunk

Cloudpunk's soundtrack, as strange as it may be for the fantasy style, where traditionalists are not much favored, is conservative. Simply pure synthwave in science fiction is already a cliché.

Bullets Per Minute

Bullets Per Minute has aggressive rhythmic metal by Joe Collinson and Sam Houghton, which is quite well listened to even outside of the game itself.

- Hylics 2

The soundtrack of the second Hylics resembles the music from the first part. But this does not make him in the least bit ordinary.

There are so much more great games with amazing soundtracks but let’s start with this selection and choose something to have a great time!


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