Bring a buddy, apply by June 18th, and win a juicy reward! The "job" is straightforward: play for 21 hours. FrontierBundles will choose two pairs of friends among those who apply, provide them with tech support and snacks, and pay $2000 to each of the couples in return for filling in a questionnaire on their experience. Sounds too good to be true?

Yes, you have to get lucky since there will probably be tons of applicants for this juicy opportunity, and only two couples of co-players will be selected. In case you are not the ones, don't despair; there are other opportunities to have fun with gaming online. Have a look at and grab an offer there, you will not be disappointed. As for the FrontierBundles offer, what other conditions do you have to meet if you want to apply?

The offer is only available to US residents, and they must be 18 or older. No individual applications and no duplicates: you and your buddy have to fill in a joint application form with all your details. In case you get lucky, and after completing the task (playing and reporting), each of you will be entitled to a $1000 reward. If you have a favorite long-distance co-player, that's ok: you do not need to sit in the same room to play together.

There are some additional perks for the two lucky couples. They will receive specially prepared "swag bags", entirely on the house. Here are the contents:

- Nintendo Switch Lite
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
- Animal Crossings: New Horizons
- Nintendo Switch Online Membership
- Access to NES Games (via Nintendo Online)
- Snacks

Here is the description of the type of guys that FrontierBundles is seeking: "We’re looking for pairs of gamers with a ton of virtual history. We want gaming duos who’ve blasted down countless zombie hordes, reclaimed Earth ten times over from blood-sucking space aliens, and who love to tackle the newest gaming challenge as much as they enjoy replaying retro throwbacks."

Is that you and your favorite gaming buddy? You have to prove it. When applying, you are required to provide a video explaining why you and your friend are the best for the job. Record your pitch, upload it to a video-sharing website, and include the link in your application form. Then cross your fingers and wait until June 25th, when the winners are announced.

Why is FrontierBundles willing to pay this juicy pocket money to people who are likely to spend many, many hours playing all the same?

Their explanation for the campaign is that they are Celebrating gaming in 2021. "This year is slated to be a massive year for gaming," says the company on their website. "Only a few months out from the newest generation of console releases, 2021 will see some of the industry’s most awaited titles, such as Resident Evil Village, Mario Golf: Super Rush, and Ratchet & Clank: Rifts Apart."

They also state that it is a significant year for video game anniversaries, quoting Donkey Kong (40 years), The Legend of Zelda (35), Sonic the Hedgehog, and Street Fighter II (30), Resident Evil – Pokémon – Quake - Crash Bandicoot (25).


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