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By Nilin, Posted 14 Jun 2021

Playing Path of Exile, you will inevitably come to a point where grinding just isn’t enough. At this point, while you may have acquired numerous valuable items, few of those will be useful for improving your character’s stats. It is at this point in your playthrough that your best bet for acquiring the items and gear you need to push your character’s power level further becomes trading.

Trading in Path of Exile is a barter system; instead of using a single currency, trades are facilitated using various crafting resources which double as different currencies of differing degrees of value. This system makes it so items in Path of Exile have no singular measure of their prices.

As with similar markets and auction houses in other games, Path of Exile allows players to barter and bargain with each other over the price for items bought and sold.

This article will go over everything you need to know to get the best value from trading with other players so you can then make a profit which you can use to improve your characters.

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Trading in Path of Exile

If you’re new to Path of Exile and familiar with the fiasco that was the Diablo III auction house at launch, or if you’ve played other games that still feature player-to-player markets such as Neverwinter, then trading in PoE can seem difficult initially.

PoE doesn’t have an in-game system for finding trades with other players or setting up auctions. Because selling in Path of Exile involves manually finding a buyer, here we’ll go over the selling process step-by-step.

1. Find your buyer’s in-game name.
2. Invite your buyer to your party.
3. Ask your buyer what item he wants and where that item is located in your stash.
4. Move the item from your stash to your inventory.
5. Open a trade window with your buyer.
6. Move the item from your inventory into the trade window.
7. Double-check that the price offered by your buyer is correct.
8. Accept the trade.

The above step-by-step process covers everything you need to know about starting and finalizing a trade in Path of Exile, but before you can even start a trade, buyers are going to need to find you. For this, you’re going to need to use

Listing Items on PoE.Trade

To start selling items on PoE.Trade, you are going to need.

Premium Stash Tabs

Premium Stash tabs can be made public, which is the only way to make them accessible to third-party trading websites like PoE.Trade so that other players can browse the items you have available for sale.

You are going to have to purchase a Premium Stash tab from the Path of Exile Shop for 40 points. Alternatively, you can upgrade an existing tab in your shared stash to a premium tab for 15 points. Premium tabs can have their name and color changed whenever you want.


Acquisition is an inventory management tool for Path of Exile that will allow you to automate the trading process to be much more efficient.

In your browser, go to PathofExile official forum:

1. Click on Trading [Expand].
2. Select your League of choice.
3. Make a new Thread; give it any title with any text in the content box.
4. Submit your new Thread.
5. Note down or copy the number at the end of the URL (ex. 1363344).

To properly set up Acquisition further, follow these steps.

1. Go to Github and download the newest version of Acquisition and install it.
2. Run Acquisition.
3. Log into your Path of Exile Account in Acquisition.
4. Open the Items drop-down menu in the top right corner of the window and check “Automatically Refresh Items”.
5. Open the Shop drop-down menu and check “Automatically Update Shop”.
6. Click “Forum Shop Thread” to open the Acquisition Shop Thread window. Paste the number from your forum Thread (ex. 1363344) into the Acquisition Shop Thread window, then click OK.
7. Open the Auto Online drop-down menu and click “ URL”.
8. In your browser, on pathofexile website, compose a message to poexyzis asking for your online URL.
9. Receive an automatic reply with your URL in it. Copy the whole URL from the response to your message to poexyzis into the Acquisition window, then click OK.
10. In Acquisition, open the Auto Online drop-down menu and check “Automatically Refresh Online Status”.

After following the above steps, you will be able to browse your items and stash caps in Acquisition. New items will automatically appear in Acquisition, and the program will automatically update your shop thread on the Path of Exile forums every 30 minutes.

Now you can set prices for your items, and buyers will be able to see your inventory, find your items on PoE.Trade, and offer you deals. You will be shown online when both Path of Exile and Acquisition are running.


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