For gaming, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a useful piece of software. Security, lowering ping and decreasing latency, geo-shifting your location, access to many games, the ability to play restricted games, and avoiding DDoS assaults are just a few of the advantages of using a VPN for gaming. Rather than utilizing any VPN, it is recommended that you locate the most appropriate VPN for your purposes.

VPN for Gaming


Multi-device and mobile support

The best VPNs are supported on more than one device, so you should consider a VPN with such a feature. If you have an Android device, and you choose a virtual private network provider for more than one smart device, you'll be able to secure them all at the same time, including IoT appliances. Besides, VPNs for multiple devices will allow you to protect your Home Network too. Not to mention a throttling-free steady internet connection and to confirm that you can always do a Speedcheck for validation.

What are the advantages of hiding IP address?

If you use a VPN, you can hide your IP address and data related to your location. If you are a traveler or you want to get access to games from restricted countries, this feature might be very important. Since a VPN hides your IP address, you'll be able to play a game before it is released in your territory or access any gaming server, wherever you are. Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) is common in the world of gaming. The more popular a game is, the higher the chance of DDoS attacks. Considering that DDoS attacks can be annoying while you are playing online, as they target your IP address and break off your internet connection, hiding your IP address using a VPN will prevent such attacks.

User-friendly interface and protocols

For the best experience, you should choose a VPN with a user-friendly interface. That way, you'll be able to connect all your smart devices easily. PPTP protocols use weak encryption, so you should avoid them. L2TP/IPsec is improved in comparison with PPTP, but for the best experience, you should choose an open VPN.

Using a VPN for creating a LAN connection

Although the local area network (LAN) is pretty much a thing of the past, some new games still give players the option to choose a LAN connection. Big online gaming servers provide you with a similar option, a LAN connection allows you to play with specific friends like you are in the same room, even if you aren't in the same country. Creating a LAN connection using a VPN isn't a complicated process, and you can connect with players worldwide in a few simple clicks. Note that all your friends must install a specific VPN for creating a LAN connection. Choose a VPN for creating a LAN connection carefully since you won't find this option in every VPN.

How does the number of servers affect a VPN?

A higher number of VPN servers means more possibilities. If a VPN service provider offers many servers in multiple countries, you have many options to choose from. Thus, before paying for a VPN subscription, check how many servers it has and where. Besides the features related to ad blocking, Bit Torrenting, and the kill switch option, keep in mind the price and user ratings. Reviews will help you determine the most appropriate solution!

The bottom line

Most common VPNs have many advantages, but you should choose one based on your individual needs. Since there are many factors essential for purchasing a VPN, you should use one with a free trial period and check if it suits you. Moreover, some VPN providers claim that they have solved the problem of ISPs peer-to-peer connections (P2P) blocking. Since that's usually false, you should install a trial version with full features to check if the issue of P2P blocking has been resolved. After you determine your requirements and expectations, you'll be able to choose the best VPN service provider. Purchasing a VPN without considering all the mentioned factors might result in wasted time and money.


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