Can you get a scholarship for gaming? The answer to this question is yes. We have done a great deal of research to bring you this article explaining stepwise how to get an esports gaming scholarship. In this article, we shall discuss schools that offer esports college scholarships, scholarship requirements, and tips on attaining that scholarship and making the most out of it.

Esports scholarships have some basic requirements that match the regular scholarships; one is writing a scholarship essay. You require to write an outstanding paper that describes you and why you need the scholarship. If writing is not your strong point, you do not have to worry. You can always hire a professional scholarship writer who charges affordable prices for premium quality and plagiarism-free essays. The writers are experts, and they ensure to deliver the paper before the due deadlines, hence in terms of service, you should not worry a lot. With this essay, you can be sure to advance into the next stage, which is testing your skills.

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What is an Esports Scholarship?

Esports, which is also known as electronic sports, is an organized competitive video game. Unlike someone playing a video game casually in their room, esports involves a group of players or individuals competing against each other in organized competition or tournament, which often includes cash prizes.

An esports scholarship is whereby you receive a scholarship to join a university due to your esports gaming skills. Esports started offering this scholarship a few years ago, but to date, over 100 schools have joined the program, with most of them having official varsity esports teams. Hence, if you are perfect or close to perfect playing video games, this is your chance to live your dream.

At the university level, you will get a chance to compete in famous games such as league of legends, madden, overwatch, Fortnite, DOTA 2, and counter strike.

What Conditions and Requirements are often in Esports Scholarships?

Esports scholarships are mostly treated like all the other sports scholarships; hence most of the requirements still hold; these requirements include:

- Maintaining an appropriate GPA
- Attend practice regularly
-  Writing an  essay

Some lesser-known requirements to maintain esports scholarships are the in-game performance requirements for the scholarship.

Hence, you should ensure you find out if you can lose your scholarship because of in-game performance and how to handle scholarship disputes. You should also find out how often you can requalify for the esports scholarship.

Tips on how to get Esports Scholarships

Know how the Teams you are Interested in Recruit

Different schools recruit students; differently, they may carry out a tryout for the current students in the school, or they could have a more sophisticated and involving process that involves recruiters while the potential candidates are still in high school.

If you have a school in mind that offers esports scholarships, ensure you check out their websites to learn how new members can join the varsity team. They often post information on tryout so you can find out which person you can contact to get detail on the recruitment process or book an appointment. Of course, the earlier you learn these details, the better.

Build your Brand

Most schools that offer esports scholarships hold tryouts whereby you show up and show off your skills. However, if you are interested in the schools that carry out more complex recruitment processes, then you will require to put in more effort to stand out amongst other players. Also, remember that schools that hold more involving recruitment processes offer more significant scholarships.

Once the recruiters spot you, they will try to dig into your online accounts such as discord and twitch feed to learn more about your gaming experience. Here is a list of qualification factors that most schools look for:

- Hours you play in a week
- Games you play
- Twitch channel
- Discord tag
- Highlight video
- ID

Ensure your channels and information are rigid, particularly in the games your school of choice is recruiting for.

Contact Current Players and Coaches

Since esports is a pretty new sport to most colleges and campuses, varsity teams are either one or two years old. Therefore they might not have sufficient details about this program posted on their schools' websites. Hence is you want to learn more about which schools are providing esports scholarships, how to show your interest, and which games they are recruiting for, the best way is to contact the esports coach directly. The coach will offer incredible support on any issue that you might have regarding the program.

Many schools also post esports player's bios; you can use this information to contact one of the players and learn more about the school's program.

Top Colleges with Esports Scholarships

Here is a list of top schools that offer esports scholarships:

1. Harrisburg University

They offer full-ride scholarships for players selected

2. Robert Morris University

They offer one of the largest scholarships of up to 19000 USD per year

3. Stephen college

It is the first women’s college to have an esports program

4. University of California, Irvine

As the first public campus to create an esports varsity team, the school has developed quite competitive and highly regarded teams.


Esports scholarships are a chance for you to live your gaming dream. Hence if you have a passion for gaming, and you are good at it, then this is the opportunity for you to shine.


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