Despite having been released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V is still the latest of the games to have been provided in the franchise by Rockstar Games, with many still awaiting any glimmer of news about a potential GTA 6.

Although the game has been around for 8 years (and counting), there are many gamers that will still consider this version and GTA IV to be amongst the best that the developer has ever been able to create, however many have not been able to agree on what makes one game better than the other.

These are just some of the best updates that GTA V had received from its predecessor, though.

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GTA Online

Initially launched in 2013, the Grand Theft Auto Online mode update is perhaps one of the best improvements and updates that players have ever been able to experience when playing this game. Rockstar Studios have had so much success with this, they have continued to provide updates on a continuous basis and provide it with each new game console that is created, with PS4 and Xbox One players able to benefit from the game mode when it was introduced in 2014, whilst those with new generation consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S set to be able to enjoy it from November 2021.

Those that are able to experience Grand Theft Auto Online will have been able to explore an open world environment whereby they can engage and cooperate or compete against each other in various missions and events.

Arguably, one of the best updates of this game mode came in 2019 when the Diamond Casino was introduced, as it allowed players to able to experience a casino in a virtual way, whilst also allowing them to be able to get a taste of what playing games would be like at a real casino as the experience has been replicated expertly well.

Admittedly, the game mode had some problems, to begin with, however, the Grand Theft Auto Online mode is one that has stood the test of time and does not appear to be going anywhere any time soon; thus making it one of the best updates to have ever been introduced in the GTA V series.


Perhaps unsurprising considering the amount of technology that continues to be made available on a regular basis, the graphics used in GTA V are better than those that were used in GTA IV. Of course, the game was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 games consoles, however, they were stunning at the time and featured some of the best graphics visuals any game had ever had back in 2013.

Bigger Map

Gamers who had played GTA IV may have been disappointed with how small the game map was when they played the game as the developers had decided to scale things down a little bit.

However, they decided to incorporate a huge map for their GTA V game, with players able to explore a huge city and a number of beautiful spots of nature. Indeed, players were free to roam the streets in this game like many others, but they were also able to roam woodlands and canyons.

Naturally, a bigger map also meant that there were more missions and quests that could be completed, which would have suited many gamers to the ground. This also enabled more variety in regards to the gameplay experience, which is also a huge plus when thinking about the best updates to have been made in GTA V from the GTA IV edition of the game.


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