The world is constantly evolving, and so are our tastes. We are now spending more time online and learning new things. What do we do online? Many take up many courses online, while others watch movies and binge-on web series.

Moreover, another place where people play is YouTube. This is strange since we only knew about YouTube for watching films and television shows or even random videos until recently.

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Which Part of YouTube is Gaining Fame

Though YouTube Kids is also gaining fame and YouTube Music, the game-changer for the platform is YouTube Gaming. The platform is where you can join or invite players to play any game available there. Titles like Among Us, Counter-Strike, PubG, Minecraft, Human Fall Flat, and Fall Guys have been immensely popular.

Even horror games like Pacify or Resident Evil 3 are also gaining immense fame. Besides playing, many people find these videos of other gamers participating to be more enjoyable. It has urged several gamers to make their games go Live Stream as they play. What is great about this? Let’s dig deeper to know that. 

Realistic Feel 

Viewers get an incredible thrill when they watch other gamers play. What do you feel when you cheer for your favorite sportsperson on the field? You feel as if they are doing what you would have done on that spot. It means you feel a sense of a realistic game when you opt for watching others play here. 

Give You a Chance to Strategize 

As a gamer yourself, you may think only on one path like a horse with blinkers. As a viewer of these YouTube Gaming, you get to plan better. You may think of various other moves. You can even watch these videos later when you have more time to repeat and watch for more scope. You can also record and upload the entire game or the highlights of your games later in your channel. 

To Be a Part of the Gaming Community 

It feels great when you accidentally see your boss watching a game you observe. It means you both share a common interest and, therefore, can talk about it. You can also bond with others sharing a similar interest. When you watch these videos, you understand their lingo and feel a part of this vast global community. Today, therefore, men and women try to connect online with these mutual interests. 

Learn the Game 

Not everyone is a natural gamer and needs to understand the way the PS5 works or controls. How would they do it? Simply following the steps with the help of these videos will help them learn these skills.

Not just the technical skills, the games require smart manoeuvers in FIFA or GTAV. There would be several mods and cheat codes to achieve. As you sit and watch the game with the gamer, you will realize that you understand the character’s depth and development. 

Who’s the Winner? 

More than you and the gamer, the brands and the game developers are the clear winners. You may not play them, but they find immense engagement online. It helps them to develop their future titles or improve their existing titles better. 

The entire world is currently hooked on the gamers playing and the others simply observing, cheering, and enjoying them online. This trend is going to continue for sure in the days to come. 


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