Game application development has seen significant growth as an industry in this decade. With mobile phones being super common, almost everyone has access to the internet through their smartphones. Kids nowadays prefer playing mobile games over outdoor games. This has provided a huge client base for game developers in this century.

When the market grows, competition grows proportionally. The gaming industry has seen a race of competitors trying to succeed on another. If you are such a game developer who wants to bring in some extra to overcome competing developers, here are some useful tips that can help you improve your gaming application in many regards.

1. Pay Attention To The Graphics

Graphics determine the quality of a game application. When developing a game, make sure it is not blurry or bland. A game developer should know for what platform he is developing the game, is it going to be compatible with mobile phones only, or is it a pc game? Adjust graphics accordingly.

Secondly, character design also influences the quality of a game. Invest your time and energy in concept art character design. You need to make your game look more realistic and attractive.

2. Simplify UX/UI Design

Many gamers are turned off when a game has a complicated user interface. The UI of a game should be as simple as possible. When you are developing a game, make sure you do not add unnecessary command and control options. When adding a new button, ask yourself is it necessary? If a user can do well without it, do not add.

Make sure that the user gets a great experience while playing your game. Otherwise, they will just leave it midway. Follow the golden rule of game application development; less is more. Do not add any feature that complicates the gameplay.

3. Make Storyline Addictive

People are more likely to be invested in a game that has a catchy storyline. When developing a game, open the creative side of your mind. Think of an original and authentic storyline. Be it a fantasy or a logical game, the more attractive the story is, the more is the chance that users will get addicted.

Do your research on how and why big games are famous. How they manage to captivate users in the longer run. There is no hard and fast rule on creativity, you will have to learn through experience. Learn from your mistakes. Keep an eye on how gamers react to different storylines.

4. Provide Unique Sound Effects

Lastly, provide attractive and unique background music to your game. The sound effects and music should be aligned with the game’s theme. You can download different soundtracks from different sites online. Or you can record sounds of your own in a studio.


People are more likely to be obsessed with a game that has addictive music. Secondly, when users are playing the game on a mobile phone, music and background sounds create a gaming ambiance, making players invested in the game.


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