The number of gamers increases daily because the gaming industry has surpassed everything. Different gamers play different genres of games worldwide in which they are interested. If we talk about PlayStation Consoles, the number of players who play on PlayStation is millions.


This is huge, and why this is, the reason is here. PS3 was able to make great success by leaps and bounds when its sale started. Nearly 90 million units of PS3 were sold, which is vast enough. This was because what players needed was found in the shape of PS3.


Time went on, and PS4 was on the way to show its performance. It came with advancements. Results were shocking as PS4 even came out to be more than expected. It exceeded the previous outcome with more than 116 million consoles that were dispatched to players worldwide.


Nowadays, PS5 is on the screen that is proving the same success. Players will be able to elevate their console capability. And this is done by PlayStation Plus gift cards and PlayStation Network (PSN).

It is a way that creates ease, provides a safe manner, and so a suitable method to reinvigorate your account. This will give the players free games and the best services.

You can quickly get the PlayStation Gift Card as GAMIVO offers the best price. You can get a PS Plus card and PSN codes as well. All cards are available at the best prices offered by GAMIVO.

PlayStation Gift Card, PSN, Code, Redeem


This is the most convenient way of reinvigorating your official PlayStation account. There will be new funds added to your account. You can make purchases in PlayStation Store using the previously added funds. You will have access to all the services that it has to offer.

This will provide you with digital facsimiles of PS4 and PS5 as well. You can also use other services. You need to choose the PlayStation Gift Card that you think suits you in accordance with your needs and uses.

There are three things that matter and need to be checked.

- Amount
- Currency
- Region

This should be one’s knowledge that PSN codes are locked in accordance with the region. So, it requires you to choose the correct region.

Many countries use the same currency. So, recheck the item you want to buy to know whether that item can be used in your country.

But there is no need to worry about this. GAMIVO provides you with all the information so that you may not face any problems.

Benefits of PlayStation Plus

This creates a lot of fun for you playing on the console. You can enjoy all the services that PS Plus has to offer you. Not only that, you can play with your friends online and have fun with them. Furthermore, you can have a multiplayer experience, joining from worldwide.

Interestingly, you can give your console to further members of PlayStation Plus. You will also have special discounts that give you free games, exclusive content, etc. You will have access to free games that are not for ordinary players.

You will have complete access to new releases. Not only that, there will be two free games for you every month that you can download easily. There will be free loot in many games, such as Apex Legends and Fortnite. You will have access to that content that is not for other players.

Key Features

- Multiplayer Experience
- Discounts and free games
- Gift for friends and family
- Way to become a network champion

Subscription Types

GAMIVO offers two subscriptions types. You will choose in accordance with your length of time.

1. PlayStation Plus 90 Days
2. PlayStation Plus 365 Days

When you are about to purchase, we recommend that you recheck your correct region to avoid any issues.

Use and Redeem

GAMIVO will give you the required information concerning your PSN gift card activation. When you have made a purchase, you need to redeem your PS Card.

You will be able to redeem your code on the PS4 and PS5 consoles quickly.


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