Marvel comics fans and casual spidey lovers were amazed by the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man on Playstation in 2018. But sadly, the game was exclusive to the consoles, and some players couldn’t enjoy it. The situation changed by the end of summer 2022 when Insomniac Games decided to drop the remastered version of their game on PC.

Marvel's Spider-Man, Remastered, PC

Today I want to present the readers with five main reasons why you should play the best Spidey game ever.

Exciting combat system

One of the key elements of Marvel’s Spider-Man game is exciting combat. Developers had a mission to eliminate boring fights and make players adapt to different in-game situations. To reach that goal, they have introduced plenty of mechanics like gadgets, skill trees, and various upgrade systems. With the help of these tools, each player can approach the fighting from a different angle which he prefers the most. So if you have ever experienced excitement from spinning high-quality video slots online, new Spider-Man will invoke the same or even stronger feelings.

Plot and characters

Marvel’s Spider-Man had an excellent team of screenwriters that have managed to create a good plot, which is formed of interesting dialogues and movie-like cutscenes. This is one of those games where you don’t want to skip any piece of the information given to you by the devs, as they all contribute to the world’s integrity. 

While you move through the main storyline, you will encounter all of your favorite Marvel characters that you have seen in the past many times. Starting with villains like Kingpin and Shocker and finishing with positive characters like MJ and Uncle May (we don’t want to spoil other ones).

Animations and graphics

The experience of playing countless games proves that animations create a core of the game perception. In Spider-Man, each move you do feels insanely smooth and realistic. Our personal favorite is web flying. Every time Peter throws a web, it sticks to an actual object in space (tree, building, etc.), and when he grabs it, the swing feels amazing. 

And all those wonderfully developed moves are sprinkled with a good portion of outstanding graphics. When the game got remastered and ported to PC, visuals made a huge step forward due to the PC capabilities. You will often encounter situations where you can’t say whether you see a movie or play a game.

Open world and side activities

Marvel's Spider-Man, Remastered, PC

Spider-Man is a busy folk as he has much to do in New York City besides the main storyline. The streets are filled with different activities that you can participate in and test your skills. For completing such tasks, you will be rewarded with tokens that can be used to obtain new abilities or upgrade the old ones. 

But before jumping into side activities, you need to open a map. For that, you must find a special radio tower in each New York district and complete a little puzzle. After doing it, you will see a full-fledged district map with all the side missions you can start.

Tens of costumes for Marvel fans

Marvel geeks know that Spider-Man is not just a story about Peter Parker. Marvel has created many alternative Spider-Man worlds and plots, giving most of them a unique costume. Lots of these outfits were added to Marvel’s Spider-Man game, starting with a dark and scary noir costume and finishing with a robot suit that reminds the Iron Man. To unlock these pleasures, you have to move through the game.


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Platform(s): PS4
Publisher(s): Sony
Developer(s): Insomniac Games
Genres: Action-Adventure
Themes: Marvel
Release Date: 2018-09-07

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