Premium Tanks in the World of Tanks are valuable assets that can up your game and make it more absorbing and exciting.

They are special single-configuration tanks placed outside their nation’s tech trees. Consequently, unlike standard tanks, they cannot be earned through traditional gameplay-level progression.

The majority of Premium Tanks benefit from greater amounts of credits granted than regular ones, and the bonus increases along with the tiers. What is more, crews in Premium Tanks get a 50% experience bonus on top of what they would receive in non-premium machines.

Premium Tanks, World of Tanks

How can you get Premium Tanks in the World of Tanks?

1# MillionPugs cashback service

One of the easiest options to get a Premium Tank is to take advantage of the MillionPugs cashback service.

MillionPugs is a brand-new start-up offering in-game content for:

- World of Tanks,
- Gwent: The Witcher Card Game,
- World of Warships

and others, in exchange for reward points, called pugs™.

The great part about MillionPugs is that you earn pugs™ by shopping online in affiliated stores. Currently, on the MillionPugs list, there are almost 2000 brands from various industries.

Consequently, you probably don’t have to make any extra effort to start collecting points apart from creating an account. Once you do this, you can still frequent your favorite shops but start benefiting from the cashback service and getting hold of fancy new in-game content.

How does MillionPugs work?

Once you create an account, you can install the MillionPugs browser extension. It is unnecessary, but the plugin will automatically notify you about available pugs™ deals every time you visit any listed stores.

For example, if you install the browser extension and visit the Grubhub site with the intention to buy a pizza, you will see a small pop-up appearing with the possibility to activate pugs™. Once you finalize the transaction, you will see the promised number of pugs™ in your MillionPugs account.

When you collect a sufficient number of reward points, you can easily redeem them for desired in-game content and activate them in the game using the code.

What in-game content can I get?

The MillionPugs platform is still expanding, but there are already multiple fancy in-game items you can acquire.

As for the World of Tanks, you can get different amounts of gold, Premium account, or various Premium Tanks, such as, for example:

- Tier VII Herman Tank Destroyer E25,
- Tier VIII American Medium Tank T26E4 SuperPershing,
- Tier VII American Heavy Tank T26E5 Patriot,
- Tier VIII German Tank Destroyer Rheinmetall Skorpion.

Consequently, MillionPugs cashback service is an effortless and quick method of getting Premium Tanks. All you have to do to start collecting reward points is to create a free MillionPugs account and start activating deals.

2# Gifted during special events

Apart from benefiting from the MillionPugs platform, there are also in-game possibilities to earn Premium Tanks.

First of all, they can be gifted during special events. Such events are organized on a regular basis. Usually, they occur during the weekend, but there are also week-long appearances with multiple opportunities to get valuable prizes, such as Premium Tanks, gold, or equipment.

Such events are normally announced in advance, so it is advisable to keep up with the latest news and participate whenever they occur.

3# Purchased for in-game gold

Last but not least, Premium Tanks can also be purchased for in-game gold.

Nevertheless, it is a little tricky as gold itself is not the easiest commodity to get. Standard gameplay doesn’t allow you to earn gold.

Luckily, there are a few effective methods of getting hold of gold, such as:

- Using the MillionPugs cashback service,
- Participating in Clan Wars,
- Completing missions in bootcamps,
- Fighting in Ranked battles,
- Completing special missions.

Once you collect a sufficient amount of gold, you can use it to purchase a Premium Tank of your choice in the game store.

All in all, Premium Tanks are valuable assets in the World of Tanks that provide you with special bonuses. Unlike non-premium ones, they cannot be earned by traditional level progression. Luckily, there are a few effective ways to get Premium Tanks.

One of the most effortless options is to use the MillionPugs service and get them by shopping online. Nonetheless, you can also take advantage of in-game options, such as participating in special events with prizes or spending in-game gold to get a Premium Tank of your choice.


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