According to a recent study by the University of Oxford, adults who play video games are happier and more relaxed than their non-gaming counterparts. These findings come after years of debate over the impact of gaming on the mental health of young gamers and on the heels of a pandemic that saw online and mobile gaming skyrocket – making them all the more important. Let's take a look at exactly why scientists believe playing video games online or casino games in top Canada casinos could make you happier.

Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier

Better Creativity and Imagination

If you have ever played a video game, you know that it can totally engage your creativity and imagination. Role-playing and strategy games, for example, require you to get into the mindset of a character and devise clever ways to survive or proceed to the next level. This kind of engagement is very stimulating for your brain and can engage your pleasure centers.

Better Connection to Inner Child

Adults who play video games are likely to be less depressed than other adults who do not because they get a chance to engage their inner child. Playful behavior such as this can help combat boredom and stress, allowing you to enjoy your life more – with child-like abandon – even if it is just for an hour.

Stronger Relationships

Sometimes in relationships, people want time to themselves away from their partner. If this time is spent playing video games, couples can avoid the loneliness and boredom that can result from feeling left out. You and your friend, spouse, or relative can distress together by engaging in your favorite titles, leading to stronger relationships and more joy and fulfillment in your lives.

Bonding Topic

Everyone has been to a party or event where they couldn't seem to connect with anyone around them. Did you know that playing video games could solve that? According to recent statistics, more than 50 percent of adults in the US are gamers and about 81 percent of people between 18 and 29 play video games. By these numbers alone, it is safe to say that video games can make a great topic for breaking the ice with new people. It can also be a source of bonding if you find you are both gamers.

Positive Anticipation

Playing video games gives you something positive to look forward to after a long day of work or school. Whether it is getting a new console, reaching the next level of your game, or completing a quest, you always have something to anticipate and talk about, making your life more exciting.


Life can be full of pressure – from bills that need to be paid to deadlines, responsibilities, and more. Playing video games, even for a few hours a day, allows you to escape these worries and de-stress.


The scientific study that found that playing video games could make you happier also shows that it could improve your mental health. The study used data gathered from gaming companies, analyzing the effects of playing Plants Vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Animal Crossing: New Horizons on a player's well-being. Overall, it seems that getting behind that console, PC, or phone could leave you feeling happier than ever before.


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