The concept of boosting has been around for a very long time. At the moment, in the context of the World of Warcraft, it means helping experienced players to beginners or those who have difficulty completing any level. Boosting is actively used not only by those who have no gaming experience, but also by those who have played more than once, and even achieved certain results.

Those who want to fully enjoy the game should take a closer look at the new Dragonflight. With it, members can quickly upgrade accounts from level 60 to level 70.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight

What is the expansion

Players can find one of three versions of dragonflight boost: base, heroic, epic.

Basic version

The basic version includes an extension. If the user purchases this version before the official release, they will receive a pet. As part of this expansion, it is possible to get a new race or class.

Heroic Edition

The Heroic Edition includes the features of the base version, plus a bonus for using the heroic version. All players at this stage of using the expansion receive a Murkstrasza, as well as a flying mountcalled the Tangled Dreamweaver. Those who use this version can upgrade account to level 60. You can play as a whole team with your friends.

The developers claim that the ideal option to upgrade a game account is for those who do not have time to get trophies and level up during the game. The first levels are not very exciting and do not allow you to enjoy all the adventures during the game.

Epic version

This version is for those who want to achieve the maximum result in the game. Everything that was available in previous versions is available in this version. Plus, the player gets more magical game attributes, access to more modern weapons, uniforms and vehicles. Another bonus of this type of extension is the Timewalker Hearthstone_ transmog Diadem of the Spell-Keeper Head and transmogrification Wings of Awakening.

Expansion dragonflight boosting, you need to find the tribune of transformation and interact with it. As the version increases, the player's capabilities increase and expand.

Despite the fact that there are special extensions for boosting your account, booster services do not lose their relevance. With their help, beginners learn how to fight monsters, gain skills in fighting bosses. Together with experienced players, they participate in joint raids or single battles. Less experienced participants receive the coveted trophies: weapons, magical attributes and uniforms. In the process boosting, the recipient of such assistance increases his level, receives a new rank.

Boosters, in turn, also have advantages. They get game gold, make new friends with the same interests.


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