Minecraft Legends has all the makings of a great co-op Minecraft game. You get to adventure with your friends, take part in large-scale PvP battles, and delegate gathering tasks to each player to make building structures a whole lot easier.

Take the OG Minecraft and add in a campaign and different gameplay mechanics, and you get Minecraft Legends as a result. While all these make the game less sandboxy than its predecessor, that doesn’t make the game any less fun.

Needless to say, Minecraft Legends is a fun and exciting adventure, but it gets even more fun in co-op. But did it manage to live up to the hype?

Minecraft Legends, Co-Op

Stunning and Vast, Open World to Explore

Just like the original Minecraft, Minecraft Legend features a vast, open world that you and your friends can explore. It didn’t take away the procedurally generated aspect of the previous game, and it even takes Minecraft’s open-world aesthetics to a whole new level.

In a way, you can say that Minecraft Legends’ aesthetics is that of vanilla Minecraft but with enhanced shaders and textures multiplied many times and with RTX on! To put it simply, the game is gorgeous.

As you play the game, you’ll often end up looking around the world for minutes at a time, spotting different animals and creatures roaming around. Especially if you’re a diehard Minecraft fan, you just can’t help but look at how gorgeous the game’s blocky world is.

True to Minecraft fashion, Minecraft Legends features a bunch of different biomes, each offering a unique adventure as well as varying resources for you to explore. You’ll also come across a lot of villages, bases, homesteads, and other structures during your exploration.

And the best thing? – There are plenty of mounts to get in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends, Co-Op

Familiar Yet Somewhat Different Feel

You and your friends are thrown into the blocky world of Minecraft. If you have played it before, then Minecraft Legends will definitely feel familiar as several elements of the vanilla Minecraft are there. However, some unique nuances might surprise even the most hardcore Minecraft players.

For example, you and your friends can come across redcap mushrooms in the wild that will give massive jump boosts when activated. Grass stalks also give your team a speed boost when walking in them.

These are just a few of the unique additions to the game that make it more fun and enjoyable as a whole.

Of course, the game manages to retain the classic mining and building mechanics that the vanilla Minecraft has. This allows your team to alter the landscape, build structures, and do a lot of sandbox stuff which Minecraft is widely known for.

Personally, we believe that while the open world is indeed interesting and interactive, it could definitely use some improvements. For one, the chests that you can unlock only grant very few rewards. Exploration can also feel redundant when you’re out there collecting resources.

It would have been much better if resources can be gathered from certain towns instead of just them being found pretty much everywhere, save for a few rare ones.

Minecraft Legends, Co-Op

Fun Gameplay with Smooth Controls

Surprisingly, the controls in Minecraft Legends feel smooth and responsive. This makes it even better when you go out to fight Piglins alongside your friends.

With Piglins as the main villains of this game, you can make each battle chaotic, challenging, and fun-filled. You can even summon multiple allies to help you and your friends make the battle even more chaotic, but at least easier.

To make combat more fun and chaotic, you and your friends can use a variety of skills that you’ll be able to unlock as you progress through the campaign. You also gain the ability to summon mobs which you can add to your army.

Tailored for the Co-op Experience

Minecraft Legends is specifically designed for the co-op gameplay experience. It would be safe to assume that the devs decided to sacrifice the solo experience in favor of a more fun and exciting co-op gameplay.

While it can still be enjoyed as a single-player experience, it’s in the co-op that the game truly shines. It’s not perfect, however.

Albeit the focus on co-op gameplay, there are some multiplayer elements that seem lacking. For one, there can be certain issues when it comes to communicating directly with a public team, and there’s the fact that most controls are somehow limited to single-player.

But of course, even that flaw can easily be mitigated when you’re having fun with your friends as you destroy Piglin bases and conquer the world of Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends, Co-Op

The Final Verdict

With all these in mind, is Minecraft Legends worth it?

Definitely. It’s not without its flaws, obviously, but it managed to offer a pretty fun and enjoyable co-op experience, especially for hardcore fans of the franchise. The open-world exploration is interesting, the game has vibrant and stunning aesthetics, the combat is fun, and there’s plenty of new stuff to discover.

Unfortunately, if you’re coming at it from a single-player perspective, you might have some disappointments here and there. Specifically, it’s the story where the game falls short, causing you to have a somewhat empty experience if playing solo.

There’s no telling when they’ll be able to improve the solo experience, but for now, Minecraft Legends is definitely best when played with some friends.


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