Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a notoriously difficult first-person shooter. Improving your skills can be a lengthy process, made worse by approaching it the wrong way. Luckily, our expert tips can help accelerate your progress. While practice is the ultimate key to success, we also have a fantastic tool to help you hone your skills. With dedication and our guidance, you can develop the muscle memory needed to get a better aim.

CS:GO Tips

#1 Find your weaknesses

Gamers are known for spending hours practicing their aim, but often without analyzing why it's inconsistent. Is slower reflexes the culprit? Trouble tracking enemies' movements? Many reasons exist for poor aim. The first step towards improvement is identifying your specific issue. Instead of making excuses for missed shots, scrutinize what went wrong. Replay duels through a death camera, as in CS:GO, to get a precise view. Once you determine where you need work, supplement with aim-training apps like Aim Lab for practice each day. Keep in mind, playing the game with a partner still offers the best opportunity to get the most improvement.

#2 Always warm up

Ankit suggests sharpening your aiming skills with a warm-up match before every competitive game. He says this can help you tune into the game and train your eyes on targets. The game mode Deathmatch can be quite useful for this. “Before playing a game, I always warm up in an offline map called aim_botz followed by Deathmatch. It helps you keep your aim on point,” says Ankit.

#3 Get better hardware

Don't overlook the importance of hardware in gaming - it's just as crucial as the game itself. Opting for a lightweight gaming mouse can significantly improve your aim, reducing the effort needed to drag or reposition it. Your gaming skills can also benefit from investing in a suitable desk, chair, and mouse pad. When purchasing a gaming mouse, be sure to keep an eye out for features explicitly designed for gaming.

Consider a mouse with a built-in DPI button to change your mouse DPI mid-game, and use the included software to establish customized DPI values you can quickly toggle between with the configured button. In addition to equipment, you need to take care of the Internet. This is as important a component of victory as having a sufficiently powerful computer. If you're worried that a VPN might slow down the internet, don't. If the VPN speed is high enough, it can even boost your internet speed. VPNs like VeePN reduce network latency, thereby helping you respond faster to your surroundings.

#4 Know your weapons

Become a CS:GO pro by mastering all the weapons. Each has its own perks and pitfalls – rifles require stillness for accuracy, while SMGs and pistols excel on the go. Every firearm also has its own spray pattern, so test them out to see what suits you. Don't miss out on the advantages of each weapon – it's the key to elevating your gameplay.

#5 Practice your flick aim

Discover the two types of aiming theories used in CS:GO - tracking aim and flick aim. Tracking aim keeps your crosshairs trained on a specific point while moving, while flick aim requires quick movements between targets. Mastering the latter is all about muscle memory, so start slow and gradually increase the speed. Follow Ankit's lead and incorporate flick aim into your gameplay. Practice makes perfect!

#6 Avoid sprinting while shooting

Improve your accuracy in FPS games by avoiding sprinting while shooting. When sprinting, bullet spread is activated and many shots miss the target. Instead, move slowly and cautiously while checking corners for enemies. The difference in accuracy between sprinting and crouching is significant. It's been said that crouching improves aim, as less movement results in less spread.

#7 Customize your crosshair size

Improve your accuracy in FPS games by adjusting your crosshair. Opt for a smaller crosshair to be more precise and know exactly where your shots will hit. Try different shapes, such as a square or dot, that suit your playstyle. Size also matters - a larger crosshair may be better for spraying, while a smaller one may help you nail those headshots. Personal preference plays a role, so experiment with different options to find what works best for you.

#8 Choose the right sensitivity

Find the perfect sensitivity level for your gaming experience to strike the right balance between speed and control. With several resources available, you can identify the sensitivity level that works best for you. After discovering your ideal setting, stick with it, even if you have a tough game or week. It may take some time to get comfortable, but you'll see a marked improvement in your playing once you do. Avoid changing your sensitivity frequently; instead, find the one that suits you and commit to it.


Becoming a competitive FPS player takes dedication and practice. Instead of focusing on kills, focus on your decision-making and aim, which are the two key components to becoming an incredible CS:GO competitor. Improving accuracy requires patience, time, and often some trial and error.


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