When it comes to horse racing games, finding a good game feels like finding water in the desert. Even though horse racing is extremely popular as a sport, game developers, for some reason, choose not to invest in this specific niche.

Maybe because people that are actually interested in horse racing are actually older and don’t play games too much.

However, once in a while, a jewel of a game comes that includes a realistic simulation of real-world horse racing and offers us a behind-the-curtains look at the sport.

And this is where Rival Stars comes in.

With +10 million downloads on Play Store and more on Apple Store and consoles, it is easily one of the most popular horse racing games.

But is it the best of the best?

Let’s find out.

Rival Stars, Horse Racing Game

Rival Stars Horse Racing Review

First of all, Rival Stars is created by PikPok, a well-known developer in the horse racing game genre. The game is also quite heavy for mobile coming at 1.5GB, which must mean that it features plenty of things to do.

What Is This Game About?

Well, it is about recreating the ultimate horse racing experience as you build your own horse racing legacy and became a champion. You start from the bottom and build your stable of racehorses and participate in races, experiencing the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes handicapping like in real life.

As you earn prestige, you can climb the ladders of success and get your name on the leaderboards.

Game Features

Rival Stars offers plenty of different features or mechanics that cover every aspect of horse racing. It is not a game that focuses only on racing, although it is the most important aspect of the game.


Obviously, there is plenty of racing to be done. All races are made to perfection, featuring the entire vibe of the festival, cinematic races, as well as intense race commentary that will make you feel like you are competing in the Belmont Stakes for the Triple Crown achievement.

The gameplay of the racing is actually quite realistic and much better than any other horse racing game on the market. You can either compete at big events yourself or hire a jockey to ride for you. There are also plenty of customizing options where you can change your outfit, face, and much more.


Another important part of the game is the breeding mechanism. You have a tough choice to make of whether to buy, breed or sell your horses.

After all, horse racing is about making money, and you have to choose the most profitable path as a stable manager. The game features a genetic breeding system where different types of horses combined can result in a new horse with unique characteristics.


Once you buy or breed your own horse, the job is not done. You still need to train and prepare them for the races. You can hire a trainer that will do the job for you increasing your horse’s abilities, such as speed, sprint energy and acceleration.

Upgrading Process

This is one of the rare games that look at the entire horse racing industry and doesn’t focus only on horses and winning.

As you win more money and reach a higher level, you’ll be able to unlock more stable stalls, upgrade your training facilities to increase your horse abilities, and complete different goals to earn rewards.

Basically, you are in charge of your homestead and decide whether to hire new staff, upgrade facilities and invest in new horses, all with the goal of making more money and earning prestige.

Final Words

So, is it the best horse racing game ever created? Well, that is a big compliment for a game, and Rival Stars is definitely one of the best ones. At least it has a podium finish.

It features somewhat realistic graphics, a first-person POV, and tons of options that will allow you to control everything on your homestead. It is one of the most complete horse racing games ever created, and its popularity proves the fact that it is one of the best ones available at the moment.


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