The Far Cry series has become one of Ubisoft's most popular franchises. And with each game comes an impressive life-like open world for players to explore, accompanied by such unique villains that can be hailed as one of the greatest modern villains in video game history.

But there's a problem with Far Cry. Players are starting to find it a bit repetitive. The formula was great, but players want something new. And with some small rumors circulating about Far Cry 7, this could be the chance for Ubisoft to redefine the series in a way that's refreshing for fans who are yearning for more.

Far Cry 7
— Far Cry (@FarCrygame) August 11, 2023

The rumors

There's been no official announcement for the game yet. But according to Comicbook Gaming, we shouldn't just disregard it. The rumor came from a tweet. Whereby a user by the name of 'Script', who is known for successful leaks in the past, has stated that it'll be some time before we see Far Cry 7. They didn't say it's not happening - have they seen something we can't?

We're already two years past the release of Far Cry 6, and apparently, we're still a few years away from a potential seventh installment.  Here's how we think they could use that time to reinvent the series...

More casino games

Far Cry 3, which to many is the series favorite, allows you to play poker with NPCs across the map. This was an optional extra for casino fans to pass the time with and one that give you rewards to aid you in obtaining in-game items. It was a feature that resonated well with fans, and one that hasn't made a return since.

To bring back casino mini-games in Far Cry 7 would mean revamping the way it's delivered. Poker was a great addition, but the formula runs dry eventually. To execute the casino mini-game well, developers could look at how the real-life casino sector has modernized itself in order to appeal to a wider demographic and adapt to technological advancements.

One of the biggest selling points of the contemporary online casino platform is the sheer diversity of the games offered - from classic table games like poker and baccarat to the vast library of online UK slots you can choose from. Ubisoft could take some key learnings here: why offer just one type of casino game when you could offer several? The possibilities are practically unlimited - it's just a matter of keeping avid fans of the franchise satisfied with options and variety, as the original poker mini-game simply won't scratch that itch for many players these days.

Deeply-written villains 

There's a reason why Far Cry 3 seems to be the biggest hit with Far Cry fans. One of the villains, Vaas, was very well written. He came across as a true villain, someone who was disturbed and haunted by his past. And the complications with his sister, Citra, paved the way for an interesting story between families and moral ambiguity.

This isn't to discredit villains from the other titles, but Vaas had such character and depth. It was so well executed that Vaas is a villain that's so well-remembered, even 11 years on. He set the bar high for a Far Cry 7 villain to outperform his captivating presence, but it can be done!

Far Cry 7
— GameSpot (@GameSpot) June 20, 2022

Rounding things off

Far Cry 7 isn't a certainty. But there's nothing to suggest that the franchise has come to an end. There's so much to develop and a lot they can rebuild on. These two areas alone would be a step forward in the right direction for a refreshing re-entry to a predictable franchise.


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