Strategy games are always super exciting to play. You can get really engrossed in the storytelling, and finding a way through the stories that you play is part of the addiction that comes with gaming. There are amazing role-playing games out there, like World of Warcraft and The Sims, and both of those games do require strategy, but they're just not as exciting as some of the games out there right now. Playing your opponents, claiming victory. It's intensely satisfying.

Real Time Strategy Games

While there are still card games out there like blackjack and board games like chess and checkers that require an immense amount of strategy, a lot of gaming has moved online, which means you might decide to do the same thing. Moving your gaming abilities online is exciting because you're going to be able to stand out. You're going to be able to feel that victory when you win, and you're going to love every second of it. It's more satisfying to know when you are playing against a real person, which you can do online right now. The best part is that you can play strategy games without having to spend any money, so we've put together a list of some of the best online strategy games to play right now if you want to show off your skills to the world.

- Call of War: If you want a game that brings the traditional board game gameplay like Risk to your computer screen, then you'll love this one. It's an online multiplayer experience, which means you can take control of a nation during World War II and build your army, and then bring it to an actual live player on another side of the world. You can take control of a nation, no matter how big or small it is, and guide it through war. You get to construct historically accurate military units and build up your armies. You even get to fight against as many as 100 opponents on the world map. Given that it's a true real time military strategy, this is a huge experience and you could build secret weapons and atomic bombs as well.

- Call to Arms: Not to be confused with Call of War, but Call to Arms is so much more than just you being a commander in charge of an army; you're a pilot, you're a soldier, and you're every single fighter on that field. It's a tactical RTS game, and you can choose to be a third or first-person shooter. You can guide your troops throughout multiplayer battles and play with online opponents. You can choose to command your troops during a unique campaign, as well as go through multiplayer matches so that you can use historical weaponry, from guns and tanks to aircraft, to bring your forces to victory. Given that you are playing live with other players, it's an exciting way to watch what you believe come to life.

- Vega Conflict: There is an evil organization out there known as the Vega Federation that has taken over the universe. If you love a galactic battle game, then this is the one for you. It's up to you and your online allies to take back the Galaxy and face the Federation. You can form alliances, battle your foes, and build and command an entire fleet. You get to customize the fleet and the individual ships to the best of your ability, and you'll be able to face everybody together, working as a huge multigenerational, around World Team to bring the Galaxy back.

- Star Wars Commander: Longtime Star Wars fans will absolutely love to be a commander of the Empire or a member of the Rebellion, and this is the game for them. You can build machines that wage war while you train your troops for conflict. The trick of this game is that it takes cooperation with your allies to bring victory to everybody. You can fight on the famous planets that come across in the Star Wars franchise while also building up ground forces from Imperial Stormtroopers to Rebel soldiers. You get to encounter Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and many more from The Legend of Star Wars. You also get the chance to utilize the technology from the TV and the movie series, and the choice is yours to play.

There are so many games out there that you could be playing to build up your strategies and improve your gameplay, but these are just the top picks that you could play right now. 


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