As a gamer, the chances are that you were sick to death with your parents telling you to get out as a child. We get it – the outside world can feel like an unwanted distraction sometimes. But, as they get older, the majority of gamers realize that their parents might actually have been onto something. Fresh air really can make you feel better. And soaking up all of that vitamin D is sure to have notable health benefits.

Lucky for you, this is 2024, and games have advanced to the degree where you needn’t leave them at home anymore. You just need to explore the rich world of mobile gaming for on-the-go options. As well as being great for handheld gaming, mobile games like Pokemon Go actively encourage you to interact and explore your surroundings!

Smartphone Gaming

That’s a win-win in our book. And we’ve got some top tips to ensure that your on-the-go gaming pursuits always go as smoothly as possible.

Think About Visibility

Visibility is one of the main issues with outdoor mobile gaming. But the gaming world has adapted pretty well in this sense, too. You can now buy plenty of anti-glare and sun covers for your phone, and you’d be surprised what a difference they make to gameplay. On many phones, accessibility settings also allow you to invert text so that you can elevate visibility and your mobile gaming experience even further. Simply play around with your options, and you’re sure to see a clear path to outdoor gaming success in no time.

Protection is Paramount

It’s all too easy to break your phone when gaming out and about in the world. This is especially true for games like Pokemon Go, which can see you navigating all manner of wild locations. So, it’s crucial to stock up on plenty of phone protection depending on your location. At the very least, you’ll need a sturdy phone case with a screen cover for emergencies. Equally, if you’re near water, you’ll either want to invest in a waterproof phone release like the iPhone 15 or go all out with something like this dive housing for iPhone. That way, you could play in the middle of the ocean and still ensure that no unexpected droppings compromise your game progress.

Think About Gameplay Timings


There are some great narrative mobile games out there, including gems like Thimbleweed Park and Choice of the Dragon. But these might not actually be your best bet for gaming on the go. Instead, it’s worth thinking about shorter games that you can easily pick up and put down according to outside interruptions. Lucky for you, this needn’t limit your choices as much as you might think, especially now that both Minecraft and Animal Crossing have released mobile versions. With games like these, you’ll be far better able to fit mobile gaming into a busy outdoor lifestyle that may even include some socialization!

Every gamer loves a dark room with a console in it. But mobile games mean that you can now take games outdoors with you, too!


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