Opening cases remains an interesting practice in CS2, which often gives players an adrenaline rush. This is not surprising since sometimes players can get quite a valuable skin when opening a case. If you are passionate about opening cases and are looking at the best budget-priced options for opening, this article is for you.

CS2 Cases, Containers, Chests

Operation Breakout Weapon Case

This wonderful case, which was released in 2014, consists of 27 skins, including 13 knives. Players have a chance to get valuable skins like M4A1-S | Cyrex or the legendary Asiimov design for the P90. Among the most striking skins is the fiery CZ75-Auto | Tigris or its opposite - Glock-18 | Water Elemental. All other skins have a discreet design, among the most popular skins are Desert Eagle | Conspiracy, Five-SeveN | Fowl Play, Nova | Koi.

Snakebite Case

Snakebite Case is an amazing case that includes many skins with luscious designs, as well as gloves. The player has the opportunity to get one of 17 weapon skins - for example, USP-S | The Traitor with Covert rarity, which is inspired by the Tarot theme, as well as M4A4 | In Living Color with Covert is a rarity that has an incredibly complex and vibrant street art design. For those who like eye-catching skins, the case also features the MP9 | Food Chain and XM1014 | XOXO.

Gamma 2 Case

Opening the Gamma 2 Case is a chance to get the AK-47 skin | Neon Revolution, which amazes with its bold combination of pink and green colors. This is one of the best neon skins in CS2. The case contains skins for such popular weapons as Desert Eagle and Glock-18 - Directive and Weasel, respectively. The lucky ones can also get one of the skins for such knives as Bayonet, Flip Knife, Gut Knife, and others.

Recoil Case

This is a completely new case for players - it appeared in the game in 2022. The case consists of 41 skins, including 24 gloves. Among the most expensive skins in the case are USP-S | Printstream, AWP | Chromatic Aberration, and AK-47 | Ice Coaled. This case contains several skins, the design of which is dominated by the color purple. Besides Chromatic Aberration, this is Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love, M249 | Downtown, Dual Berettas | Flora Carnivora and R8 Revolver | Crazy 8. SG 553 deserves special attention | Dragon Tech - the design features a green dragon that embodies a combination of Asian aesthetics and cyberpunk.

Fracture Case

This case includes 69 skins, of which 52 skins are for knives. Among the most expensive skins with Covert rarity are the minimalistic Desert Eagle | Printstream and AK-47 | Legion of Anubis with an amazingly beautiful and complex design. Other skins that can tell a whole story include MAC-10 | Allure, MAG-7 | Monster Call, M4A4 | Tooth Fairy, and P2000 | Gnarled.

How many cases do you need to open to get gloves or a knife?

The drop of skins from a case is based on chance; it is impossible to predict the result exactly. CS2 players can only focus on the rarity of skins and the likelihood of them falling out. Knives and gloves in CS2 are the most expensive items, and therefore getting them through opening a case is extremely difficult. So, some players may need to open 100 cases to get, for example, Paracord Knife | Fade, other players can open 2000 cases, but still not get a knife.

Wrapping It Up

If you have your heart set on a specific skin, including a knife or gloves, you might want to consider purchasing it. This will definitely prevent you from overspending. In addition, it is possible to exchange skins with other players.


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