The 20th Birthday Edition of Beyond Good & Evil is coming out on June 25. You can play it on lots of devices like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Switch through the Ubisoft Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store. It's also on Amazon Luna and GeForce Now. If you're part of the Ubisoft+ Premium club, you get to play it right away.

This version brings back the old adventure game with cool new stuff. The graphics are better, with super clear 4K visuals and smooth 60 FPS. The game feels nicer to play, and there are new helpful updates. There's also a fun new treasure hunt and a Speedrun Mode for those who love to rush. Plus, it has a special gallery for the game's big anniversary.

Beyond Good & Evil Anniversary Edition

Limited Run Games is making a special box version and a Collector's Edition for folks who like to hold their games. You can order these starting July 12.

Embark on an Epic Adventure with Jade and Pey'j in Beyond Good & Evil Anniversary Edition

As Jade, a young photo taker who also looks after orphans in a lighthouse, you will join hands with her uncle, Pey'j. They live on Hillys, a planet always under threat from aliens named the DomZ. Jade and Pey'j first try to take photos of animals to make some money, but soon, they join a secret group that is trying to dig up the truth behind the alien raids.

The game mixes up many ways to play, letting you fight with Jade's stick, sneak by guards, and drive a hovercraft to battle big beasts and race in exciting matches. Beyond Good & Evil also has cool mini-games, hidden stuff, and a strong tale of battling against being crushed.

In the 20th Anniversary Edition, players can hunt for hints in a new treasure hunt to get in-game gifts linked to Jade's history and the pirates from the soon-to-come Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The game now saves by itself, lets you keep progress across different devices, has better controls, and lets you skip past cutscenes. Enjoy all these bits and more as you roam the risky yet thrilling world of Hillys.

Discover the Exclusive Anniversary Gallery in Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition

In the new Birthday Gallery, fans of Beyond Good & Evil can explore lots of behind-the-scenes stuff from the 2003 original. This special feature shares art, videos, and stories from the makers that no one has seen before, giving new views on how the game was made. You'll find tales and other things that give a fresh look at the beloved game.

These hidden treats are there to add a bit of fun and link the game to today's culture. Whether you're coming back as a fan or are new, the 20th Anniversary Edition is set to be an exciting adventure with lots of new things to discover.

Community and Online Features

The Beyond Good & Evil Anniversary Edition has lots of online stuff to keep players connected and make the game more fun. You can share your game wins and cool moments with friends and others online, showing off what you discover in the world of Hillys.

There are also online scoreboards. Here, you can see how you stack up against others everywhere in things like the new Speedrun Mode or just in showing your best game plays.

Plus, there will be online events and contests, similar to NFL Fantasy Contests, that give out special rewards and in-game things. These are made to keep the game exciting and get players to come back for more.

By joining in, you get to unlock unique stuff and be part of the Beyond Good & Evil world with others. With all these online and community bits, the classic game gets an extra layer of fun and connection. This makes the 20th Anniversary Edition a game not just for old fans but also for new ones.

Experience the Thrill of Speedrun Mode

Speedrun Mode in Beyond Good & Evil Anniversary Edition is made for players who love to finish games fast and show their skills. In this mode, you race against time to complete missions and level up quickly. You must use all of Jade's skills, like fighting, sneaking, and driving, to get the best time.

This mode is fun for new players and old fans. It gives a new twist to the classic game of Beyond Good & Evil. Whether you aim to set world records or just beat your own best times, Speedrun Mode adds an exciting challenge.


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