The Worst Crash Bandicoot Game Just Launched

By Daavpuke, 01 Apr 2021

We're currently back, neck deep, into companies hawking nostalgia at us, partially due to the in

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    Far Cry 3 Monologue

    By xC4Lx, Posted 12 Feb 2014

    Do you want to stab a guy from behind, then swiftly his partner and throw the second enemies knife into the chest of the third and last enemy who is rushing towards you, to complet

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    BioShock Infinite Let's Play

    By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Feb 2014

    Irrational Games may be closing but their legacy will live on in the games they've created. This time I'm replaying one of my favorite games of this generation, BioShock In

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    New Acquisitions

    By FetusZero, Posted 28 Apr 2013

    Second blog incoming! I'm just here to discuss my latest purchases, which isn't truly my latest, but for specific reasons of content within the game, I'll have to sk

  • My Spaceship has Evolved!

    By FetusZero, Posted 04 May 2013

    It's been a long time, but remember this spaceship? Lexa S: Spaceship This was my old computer, built in an NZXT Lexa S. I was really proud of it and it lasted

  • Haven't been to noobfeed in years!!!

    By hintaki, Posted 07 May 2013

       Hey guys!! I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, I haven't blogged here for so long. I been quite busy for the past few years since I signed up here at noodf

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    Top 10 Female Characters in Video Games

    By BlackRamza, Posted 07 Feb 2014

    The gaming world is rapidly changing partly to accommodate the huge increase of gaming female selecting video games as their primary hobby, this allows for a wider representat

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    Introducing PES 2017

    By RON, Posted 25 May 2016

    Every year Pro Evolution Soccer is getting a bit closer for becoming the ultimate soccer simulation, and Konami has announced the new PES 2017 and with it some improved n

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    This Years Hottest Male Characters

    By XboxBetty, Posted 25 Nov 2013

    Recently I was playing a game with a friend of mine when a particularly attractive male character popped up on the screen. My mouth dropped, and something of the sorts of "hot

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    Dead Space 3 Let's Play with Adam and Megan

    By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Jan 2014

    With the temperature hitting record lows around the country many are being wise and avoiding the subzero weather. Holing yourself up inside can be quite the bore unless you take ad

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    Top 10 Indie Games

    By BlackRamza, Posted 18 Jan 2014

    Last Gen brought us so many quality AAA games that is easy to forget about the little indie developers, many times struggling to survive in a medium where a high budget and high de

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    Who will win the next Console War?

    By PKKHaseo, Posted 21 Mar 2013

    With the next generation of consoles knocking at our door, the question on most people’s mind is who will win the next generation war: PlayStation, Microsoft or Nintendo.

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    Letter to the Normandy SR-2

    By xC4Lx, Posted 25 Feb 2014

    Dear crew of the Normandy, I'm sorry I couldn't be there with you to celebrate this new lease on life. Without war looming or a battle to be won, there is no longer a pl

  • Xbox One used games will require a online authentication, but no fee

    By Grayshadow, Posted 25 May 2013

    According to Polygon from “sources familiar with the system” the Xbox One won’t require a fee to reactivate a used. Instead a regular online check will be requ

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    Creative Loading Screens

    By canana, Posted 02 Apr 2013

    Let's face it: loading screens are resources that should not be present at the games. Game developers themselves also do not like the idea, but with the hardware limitations

  • New feature for the Xbox One confirmed

    By Grayshadow, Posted 24 May 2013

    Like the PS4 a lot of rumors are spreading throughout the internet about what features these consoles will have that weren’t shown or discussed. A confirmed feature from t

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