Blizzard Likely To Get Things Right With Diablo IV

By Rayan, 25 Mar 2023

Diablo IV's hype level is off the charts. We've seen over 1 million players confirmed for Ea

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  • 10 Strangest Indie Games

    By LCLupus, Posted 20 Dec 2022

    Let’s have a look at some of the strangest games out there. Here’s a bunch of them.   Donut County Have you ever wanted to be a racoon? Have you ever

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    The Best Xbox Racing Games For 2022

    By Druuna, Posted 20 Sep 2022

    Racing games have been a staple for Xbox players for more time than anyone cares to remember. And as time has passed, the games have evolved to be more realistic, and the visuals a

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    2020's Most Talked About Games

    By Kaz, Posted 13 Jun 2020

    It wouldn’t be a surprise to say that we are halfway through this year and we don’t have much to show for it in terms of video games. This is not unjustified for most g

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    Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019

    By RON, Posted 01 Dec 2018

    2018 will be regarded as one of history’s most important years for videogames, with the release of games such as the long-awaited Mega Man 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Supe

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    Batgirl is The Sole Reason to Play Gotham Knights

    By Rayan, Posted 26 Oct 2022

    Now that video games have advanced to this point, players are no longer limited to just shooting and killing enemies; instead, they may spend hours upon hours delving deeper into t

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    3 Best Video Games of 2022

    By Alicia, Posted 14 Nov 2022

    Today, with the new era of gambling, when it has migrated to the Internet, people have been given more opportunities. The best web casinos like luckygreen offer bountiful

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    Top 5 Games of 2022, According to L.C. Lupus

    By LCLupus, Posted 22 Dec 2022

    These are the top five games reviewed by L.C. Lupus throughout 2022. This list only includes the games specifically reviewed by him, and as he usually reviews indies, don’t e

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    Top 5 Fun Video Games Glitches

    By SnowWhite, Posted 25 Jan 2023

    The carefully constructed illusion of a game's inner workings—a hodgepodge of numbers and strings—can fall apart at any moment. It's a known fact that no matter

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    Top Video Games With Movie Adaptations In 2023

    By SnowWhite, Posted 16 Feb 2023

    Video games have become more accepted in mainstream culture, and Hollywood can no longer ignore their potential for powerful (and potentially profitable) adaptations into movies an

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    The Most Underrated Superstars in WWE 2K23

    By Druuna, Posted 01 Mar 2023

    The world's premiere wrestling organization, WWE, is well on the road to the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania. A number of marquee matches have been announced for the Sho

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    Blizzard Likely To Get Things Right With Diablo IV

    By Rayan, Posted 25 Mar 2023

    Diablo IV's hype level is off the charts. We've seen over 1 million players confirmed for Early Access alone which is quite wild to think about as this is just a fraction o

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    The Most Anticipated Shooter Games Coming To Xbox In 2022

    By Arisu, Posted 07 Jan 2022

    Video games are continually being rolled out, and console users are never short of choice as to what to play. When it comes to shooter games, specifically, there are over 100 title

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    Which Game Genre is Dominating the Gaming Industry?

    By Druuna, Posted 28 Mar 2022

    The gaming industry is constantly evolving and coming out with new and innovative games, and the most popular titles and genres are continually changing. Depending on what is popul

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    Internet Speed for Gaming - A Beginner's Guide

    By Psylocke, Posted 30 Mar 2022

    Do you want to know what speed you need for online gaming and what standards you must meet to ensure that your internet works appropriately while playing your favorite game? There

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    Games We Can't Wait to Try On PlayStation 5

    By Alicia, Posted 20 Apr 2020

    Sony recently made the PlayStation 5 official. As a result, the hype has reached an all-time high. Now that Sony’s next-gen console is expected to release sometime between

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