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  • Will this generation be the death of MMOs?

    Category: Blogs, Posted 26 Aug 2014

    have to say for the most part this generation feels entitled to get everything free. They're to

  • E3 Rant: Microsoft!!! I feel pity for you.

    Category: Blogs, Posted 17 Jun 2013

    was checking around what this year’s E3 would show. Everything was going good until people sh

  • Xbox One Reveal Reactions

    Category: Blogs, Posted 22 May 2013

    ..For some reason, Noobfeed isn't letting me put line breaks in here. Weird. Anyway. I won't tip

  • My Spaceship has Evolved!

    Category: Blogs, Posted 04 May 2013

    It's been a long time, but remember this spaceship? Lexa S: Spaceship This was m

  • New Acquisitions

    Category: Blogs, Posted 28 Apr 2013

    Second blog incoming! I'm just here to discuss my latest purchases, which isn't truly my l


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