5 Fortnite Crossovers that Should Happen

What should Epic crossover into Fortnite?

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Jul 2018

Fortnite has been one of the most popular games in the world. With the crossover event with Marvel's Thanos as one of the most discussed events this year. However, what other games and franchises should Epic consider to crossover into Fortnite? Here are 5 Fortnite crossovers that should happen.

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5. DC Universe

We've already seen Thanos join the world of Fortnite, why not DC? The DC Universe has plenty of heroes and villains that can join the world like Darkseid. Thanos from the Marvel cinematic universe wanted to preserve like but Darkseid is the opposite, wanting to eliminate all free will. Epic Games could have a lot of fun giving players life destroying abilities such as his Omega Beams. 

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4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Currently, Fortnite's season 5 update adds a brand new rift system that changed the entire map. Bringing areas from different time periods but what about other worlds. With a Norse village now part of Fortnite perhaps Epic Games could make a deal with Bethesda to bring the dragons of Skyrim into the world through those same rifts. 

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3. Power Rangers

Those who grew up with the Power Rangers know that the show is notorious for having outrageous battles around towering enemies. It fits the goofy world of Fortnite and dressing up as your favorite Power Ranger would be too exciting to ignore. Especially if the promotion goes even further and allows you to dress up as the Megazord.

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2. Borderlands

Borderlands 3 is still in development but the second game is still regarded as a masterpiece thanks to antagonist Handsome Jack. What would be crazy if we saw Handsome Jack try to take over the world of Fortnite as their savior and destroyer. A game with billions of guns joining the world where the goal is to be the last person standing seems like the perfect match.

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1. Gears of War

Epic is known for a lot of outstanding franchises such as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. A Gears crossover would be amazing especially with Gears of War 4 now in development. Allowing players to dawn the iconic Locust or COG skins or maybe even the Swarm. 

What do you want to see crossover into Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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