The finale for The Council has the players taking on Lord Mortimer in one final battle. There are several ways to defeat him but they're all missable. Here's how to defeat him.

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1. Using Mortimer's Father

There are 2 ways to interact with Mortimer and Holm's father. The first being during the memory puzzle, instead of heading right go left towards the painting. Speak the Holm's father but do not read his mind. If you do he'll try to kill you and he won't join you. Accept his deal when you try to leave he'll ask to aid you in killing Mortimer.

The second way is when Holm is waiting for Mortimer to come and kill him. If you didn't speak to their father this will be your last chance. When Mortimer is about to kill Holm side with him. He'll ask you to let him in, agree to do so and you can summon their father in Elizabeth's room. Like before, do not read his mind and tell him your a friend of Holm and what Mortimer has done. He'll side with you.

When entering to confront Mortimer you'll enter a confrontation. Answer with the following:

I fell into a trap
Yes (if that's not available take the hit)
I protected my sisters
Bury him alive

Face Mortimer and let Asahel spirit do the rest.

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2. Elizabeth and Emma

The next option is to have Emma and Elizabeth help you. To do this you must save Elizabeth, gain her trust by talking to her while she's drunk, obtain the Holy Lance, and speaking to her before facing Mortimer. She'll agree to help you.

During the fight use the Lance to kill Mortimer but if you chose the wrong Lance Mortimer won't be killed and will possess you.

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