5 Video Game Villains Who Were Right

Not all video game villains are wrong

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Mar 2019

Throughout the history of video games, we are often put into the shoes of the hero and told to stop a villain. However, not all villains in these adventures are bad. In fact, some of them are right. Here are 5 villains who were right.

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5. Joseph Seed

The Far Cry series has a great reputation of delivering some of the best villains in video games, and Far Cry 5's antagonist Joseph Seed is no exception. Charismatic, focused, and very deadly this cult leader constantly tells the player, and his followers, about the upcoming Cataclysm but of course no one outside Eden's Gate believes him. This all changes when you finally reach the ending all his prediction comes true.

Bombs drop and the world is turned into a nuclear wasteland. The remaining survivors attempt to live on what remains which leads into the events of Far Cry New Dawn but some of those who survived have decided to side with him. Like the protagonist from Far Cry 5.

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4. Commander Milton

Throughout Fable 3 you encounter deadly beasts and save the world from the Darkness by either becoming a paragon of leadership or a tyrannical monster. Regardless of your choice, it's clear that you were destined for greatness and given the leadership role, something that Commander Milton doesn't agree with.

After a clever ruse to obtain your power Milton dies at your hands but not without a warning. That the people who rise up and decide who should rule. While Milton's actions were sinister he does have a point, a system where people are born into leadership instead of being elected won't last long.


3. Kessler

Throughout inFamous Kessler is seen as your tradition bad guy, kidnapping people and killing Cole's girlfriend. However, during the adventure, he keeps dropping cryptic clues to something major. During the final moments of Kessler's life, we learn that Kessler was Cole who traveled back in time to train his younger self against a deadly conduit known as The Beast. A monster that Kessler chooses to not fight and instead flee from to protect his family. In an attempt to prevent Cole from doing the same Kessler took that family from Cole so he would have no choice but to fight the same threat he did not to stop. 

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2. Haytham Kenway

It took a few games following the establishment of Haytham Kenway to get a full picture of the Templar and Assassin war but Haytham was the first to showcase, the previously nefarious Templar Order, in a positive light. Haytham is ruthless in his missions but shows that the Templars do desire order above all. Arguing that the freedom the Assassin Order fights for instead encourages chaos. While neither sides ideology is without issue Haytham finally showcased that the Templars are not all bad and the Assassins are not all good.

It was in the events of Assassin's Creed Rogue that we finally see that the Assassin's are driven by their ideology and not just what's right. This zeal can easily be put into the category of villain.

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1. The Reapers

Throughout Mass Effect's trilogy, your primary enemy always remains the Reapers. A synthetic group of aliens who kill all advanced life every 50,000 years. However, turns out that whole mantra of being our "salvation through destruction" wasn't without merit.

Turns out the Reapers creator, the Intelligence, was an AI made by the Leviathans, an older race of aliens, to construct a solution to prevent lifeforms from destroying themselves and preserve life within the universe. The AI explains to Shepard that lifeforms advance enough will create synthetic life that will rise up and kill their creators. We see this with the Quarians and Geth, which almost led to the extinction of that species. To prevent this the AI created the Reapers and started the cycle, a reset button to prevent the extermination of species and preserve life. Think Horizon Zero Dawn, only at a universal scale.

The AI eventually realizes that the cycle isn't a permanent solution and enlists Commander Shepard to make the final choice the AI acted based on its program. Even the Leviathans, who created the AI, stand with their creation as it continues to act with the focus to preserve life. 

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