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NoobFeed's best shooter game of 2019.

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Dec 2019

Shooting, a basic mechanic used in a variety of games for decades. And it's still fun but only some developers can create an experience where shooting a weapon for hours can remain entertaining. Here is NoobFeed's best shooter of 2019.


Tom Clancy's The Division 2, Best Shooter Game of 2019, GOTY 2019, GOTY Edition

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Ubisoft has this habit of releasing new IPs where the first game is mediocre but the second game excels. And The Division 2 maintains this trend. With Ubisoft learning from their mistakes from the original game and providing more varied locations, better loot, extensive end-game content, and more.

The various guns all have distinct firing patterns, allowing the player to properly craft their loadout to fit their style. You can complement your fighting style by fitting points into specific classes but the shooting always feels right regardless of what gun you're using.

The competitive multiplayer needs some work but the core cooperative experience has been one of the highlights of The Division 2. With a holiday event currently going on.


Metro Exodus, Best Shooter Game of 2019, GOTY 2019, GOTY Edition

Metro Exodus

After 2 adventures inside tunnels and occasionally going outside Metro Exodus takes the adventure to the surface. With Artyom finally venturing out to the outside world and seeing that there are more people living in a harsh environment. With various factions, each with their own way of living, Artyom must use his talents to survive the harsh outside world. 

Despite the change in location 4A Games kept to the game's core systems. With resources being limited and the player having to craft ammo and supplies along the way. Because of this, the shooting has to be precise to ensure the player doesn't feel cheated. That if they miss, it's there own fault.

Each of the factions you'll encounter add a layer of tension as you make the first contact, learn about their settlement, and determine your course of action. Whether to kill everyone or sneak by. And that's not putting into consideration the deadly mutants that now hunt in this destroyed world.


Apex Legends, Best Shooter Game of 2019, GOTY 2019, GOTY Edition

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainments take on the battle royale series Apex Legends has one of the best shooting mechanics in modern gaming. And this should be expected, after all, Respawn Entertainment was created from the developers behind Call of Duty. Everything from automatic rifles to long-range sniper rifles has specific styles that require practice and dedication to master. While Apex Legends lacks the mobility found in Titanfall 2 Respawn has delivered another fantastic game thanks to precise control.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Best Shooter Game of 2019, GOTY 2019, GOTY Edition

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Perhaps the best entry in the long-running series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tells a graphic tale and doesn't shy away from the realities of war. With the player having to make critical decisions that will determine the lives of many civilians. And yes, the shooting is just as strong as ever.

The aiming, fire of fire, reloading, and overall feel of each weapon has been intricately designed. So much that players will have to test each weapon to get a feel of what works and what doesn't in your own unique play style. This is Call of Duty and players will expect near-perfect shooting, and that's what Infinity Ward delivered.

The multiplayer was bit more taxing. As the development team didn't use the 3-layer system and went for a more traditionalist approach for the multiplayer map design. The cooperative special ops were less appealing compared to previous games and the ground war selection felt like a toned-down version of Battlefield.

Regardless, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has given this franchise a much-needed boost.


Borderlands 3, Best Shooter Game of 2019, GOTY 2019, GOTY Edition

Borderlands 3

After years of waiting Borderlands 3 is here. While the game didn't meet the same acclaim as Borderlands 2 the titles strong looting system and dense array of locations were still brilliant. With a lot of side missions to take part in that took the player to many locations hidden throughout the multiple planets you'll travel to.

The story was a bit less than desired. The protagonist often pushed to the side as others took the players' accomplishments for their own. It didn't help that one of the main characters in this adventure, a young teenager named Ava who fails to take responsibility for her actions. Not to mention the Calypso twins who act like spoiled internet celebrities that I'm sure Handsome Jack would kill in a heartbeat.

On the other hand, the game's core gameplay was still incredible. Gathering weapons, playing as the new vault hunters, and exploring the environment remained a highlight. 


Rage 2, Best Shooter Game of 2019, GOTY 2019, GOTY Edition

Rage 2

Despite Bethesda's cycle downward Rage 2 was one of the company's positive releases. The title, why not groundbreaking, was an entertaining first-person shooter. You did have to complete the same objectives over and over but the use of some insanely cool powers coupled with a large variety of weapons made the experience thrilling.

Rushing enemies with a shotgun and turning them into a mist of blood never got boring.


The Division 2,NoobFeed,Ubisoft,

The Division 2

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