COMIC: Socialism or Capitalism?

Back to the drawing board for a second comic.

By Daavpuke, Posted 25 Jul 2011

There is a certain redeeming quality to having to play Civilization V on a completely decrepit, ancient PC. During turns, it takes the bedazzled adding machine about 10 minutes to process all the other players moves, meaning there’s a lot of downtime. Of course, at first, you spend your time looking at the screen like an addicted idiot, but somewhere down the line you realize you’re wasting your life…more than usual.  So, after doing lots of productive stuff I won’t bore you about, I went back to the drawing board for a second comic.

And you know what? Having inspiration is one thing, but coming up with a fitting title is hard. Therefore, I had to slap one on, because my vision didn’t really have a name. Feel free to think up a better title. It’s a horizontal comic, so you’ll have to click the link for it to get the complete picture.

NoobFeed Feature - Comic: Socialism or Capitalism?
Click here now.

Tell us your thoughts and whether or not you got the theme and references.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • THAT my friend, is very deep.

    Posted Jul 26, 2011

  • LOL @ "bedazzled adding machine"

    Posted Jul 26, 2011

  • Your previous comic was hilarious but this one on the other hand has a message in it. Which I'm still trying to figure out; if it has anything to do with Civ V. Beside everything, I must praise your drawing skills Daav. Didn't really know you had it in you.

    Posted Jul 26, 2011

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