5 Things You Should Know About Final Fantasy VII Remake

What should you know about Final Fantasy VII Remake before playing

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Mar 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most anticipated titles this and last generation. Since the PS3 tech demo showing off Cloud leaping off the train in Midgar fans have been begging Square Enix for a remake. Now, it's only weeks away but there are some things you should know about this remake before playing.

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1. New Dialogue, Characters, and Cutscenes

This isn't a 1  to 1 remake of the original game. In a recent interview, the development team explained that they made changes to the dialogue to accommodate the voice work. Since the original game was entirely text-based the developers had to alter the dialogue to ensure natural conversation and transition between characters.

This also means new characters such as the new SOLDIER that has been teased.

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2. This is Just Part 1

Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to feature multiple parts. The first part will launch on April 10th, with part 2 currently in development. While it isn't clear how long part 1 will last Square Enix has been showing off mostly Midgar and only a few images of the open world. So it's likely it'll only focus on the events in Midgar.

Square Enix did confirm that this game will be just as large as a standard Final Fantasy game with end game content.

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3. Midgar is Much Bigger

In the original game, the explorable areas of Midgar weren't that big. There were large gaps within the city as Cloud traveled between each area. Each area was separated by a black loading screen. But not anymore.

The developers took the time to fill in those gaps. Allowing the player to get a better understanding of Midgar's design and social structure. With the poor on the bottom and the elite on top.

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4. Red XIII is not Playable

Perhaps the most disappointing news is that Red XIII is not playable. Instead, the popular character with being a guest character that fights alongside Cloud and friends. This is because Red XIII will be introduced late in the game. However, it's likely the character will be playable in part 2.

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5. Classic or Modern Combat

The biggest change coming to Final Fantasy VII Remake is the combat. The standard system is the ATB system, where players actively move and input every attack during combat. However, those yearning for a more classic experience can turn on Classic mode.

This mode will have characters fight automatically and the player inputting commands. It's basically the original system with a modern flare.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches for PS4 this April 10th.

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