Resident Evil: Resistance Beta Mastermind and Survivor Tips

How to dominate in the Resident Evil: Resistance Beta

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Mar 2020

The Resident Evil 3 multiplayer beta is now live. Allowing players to experience Resident Evil Resistance right now on Xbox One. The PS4 and PC versions have been delayed due to server issues. For those playing the beta right now we some tips on how to dominate as the Mastermind and survive as the Survivors.

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1. Survivors - Block Doors for Allies

Sticking together is paramount as a survivor as the Mastermind will attempt to lock into rooms and separate survivors. To prevent this, stand in the doorway to prevent the Mastermind from closing the door. This will lessen the chance of being divided.

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2. Mastermind - Separate Survivors

The biggest advantage the Mastermind has is knowing where all the survivors are located. Survivors have no map and have to depend on communicating with one another. With this, the Mastermind can lock survivors in rooms, turn off the lights, and keep powerful infected at the door in case an ally comes rushing in. If necessary use direct invention to maximize damage and target specific survivors.

You can go further by placing traps and preparing a machinegun nest before Survivors rush into an area. If knocked down the survivors have to revive their ally or lose a large amount of time. Allowing you to use the weakest survivor as bait.

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3. Survivor - Shoot the Cameras and Use Line-of-Sight

While temporary, disabling cameras will greatly limit the Mastermind's control. Not only will the camera be disabled but the Mastermind's ability to use the Machinegun, spawning infected in that location, and berserking infected will cease in that area until the camera restarts.

Cameras being used by the Mastermind have a glowing red light, allowing survivors to be aware when they're being watched. If you see this the best option is to take it out either by shooting it or using January's EMP ability.

In addition, the cameras have a specific range and rotation. You can use to this your advantage when attempting to evade the Mastermind's gaze.

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4. Mastermind - Use Mr. X

The best option for the player is Mr. X. While formidable the Tyrant is not unstoppable. The best way to ensure the maximum use of Mr. X is to target lone survivors or hurt players. Spawn Mr. X in a hidden location or in an area where the player can separate from their allies, such as the Forklift during section 3 of the map. Grabbing lone survivors will guarantee a kill unless Mr. X is shot in the head multiple times.

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5. Both - Preparation

One key tip whether you're playing as the Mastermind or Survivor is preparation. Before each round, the survivors can pick and choose weapons. Depending on how much Umbrella points you've earned you can gain access to new melee weapons, grenades, and more. It's ideal to communicate with your allies to ensure that everyone has weapons and items that can support one another. Whether it's having extra healing items, infected recovery items, or a combination of melee weapons and guns. You don't want to be underprepared because if you run out of ammo or don't have a melee weapon, the default knife isn't going to save you.

The Mastermind can prepare for encounters as well. Spawning infected, placing traps, and buffing existing infected. The Mastermind is limited to how much they can spawn in as determined by a recharging energy meter. But the pool of selectable actions is constantly swapped out as you use them. You cannot discard cards and have to make the best with what you have. The best option is to lay infected down in critical areas where movement is limited, allowing your infected horde to quickly overwhelm the survivors.

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6. Survivors - WORK TOGETHER!!!

Seems logical but you'll be surprised. During my many matches, my allies would often run off on their own. Follow by my big-brain ally Cursing up a storm after being locked in a room, caught in a trap, or being attacked as the rest of us try and locate him. Each survivor is meant to play a role as no one survivor can do everything. If you see the Mastermind using a camera use January's EMP, if you're locked in a room ask for Tyrone or Samuel to break it down, and if you need help locating an item or need healing Valerie is there to help.

Talk about what supplies you'll be taking into battle. Melee weapons are great for killing infected but lack range when facing Mr. X or destroying the cameras. Everyone has limited space. If the situation is dire and you find yourself at the final door to freedom, you can escape alone.

Have any more tips? Help out your fellow Resident Evil Resistance players in the comments below!

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