Resident Evil 3 2020 All Safe and Locker Locations and Combinations

Locate and unlock every locked safe and locker in Resident Evil 3 2020

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Apr 2020

You're going to need every advantage in Resident Evil 3 2020. And the locked safes and lockers house valuable items that can turn the tide in survival. Here's how to unlock all of them

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Raccoon City Drug Store- Dot Sight Handgun

When heading towards the Donut shop in Downtown Raccoon City you'll have the chance to head into the Drug Store's storage area through the right side walkway. Inside you'll find a safe and the dead body of the owner who kept the code with his "Ice Queen". This code isn't exact and changes each time.

Head into the Pharmacy in the lower streets, you'll see a Tough Zombie outside the store and there's a huge sign saying "Pharmacy". It's very hard to miss. Inside, by the back wall where a cop decided to park his car inside the store is an advertisement with numbers circled in red. That's the code.

Police Station Hip Pouch

When taking control of Carlos you can head into the West Office. Inside is the same safe as in Resident Evil 2 2019 with the same combination. Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.


Inside the Police Station are 2 lockers. The first is in the 2F shower room. The combination is CAP.

The other locker is on the 3F at the end of the hallway. The combination is DCM. 

Hospital - Dual Magazine Assault Rifle

You should open this safe before retaking control of Jill since the upgrade is exclusive to Carlos. Inside the Nurse's Station is a safe. It's located on the second floor and you have to come here for story progression. The combination is Right 9 Left 3.

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