Resident Evil 3 2020 - Nemesis First Form Boss Fight

Fight Nemesis for the first time

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Apr 2020

Nemesis has been unstoppable until now. Jill has to fight the monster who has a lethal flamethrower or die trying. Here's how to defeat the monster.

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Make sure you come with enough ammo, especially shotgun ammo. The first will start off with Nemesis surrounding the area in fire, allowing you a brief moment to attack. Shoot the tank on the creature's back.

Nemesis will start to chase Jill, attempting to use the flamethrower directly or as a melee weapon. You can avoid these with dodging but if you're not confident keeping your distance is ideal. Surrounding the field is generators that can be used to temporarily stun Nemesis for some decent hits. If you have great aim you can shoot the canister while Nemesis is facing you but this does leave you exposed.

If you cause too much close-range damage Nemesis will fill the point his weapon into the air and surround the field in fire to push Jill back. However, all these attacks come with a setback as Nemesis will need to cool off his weapon once in a while, leaving him exposed.

The second part of the fight is entirely close range. Nemesis will use the muzzle of the weapon as a club. Now chasing Jill all you have to do is shoot it. It's not easy as Nemesis will actively charge Jill and dodge grenade launcher shots. You can stun the creature using the generators once they're charged but shooting with the grenade launcher is useless unless the creature is stunned or mid-charge. Because of this use your handgun and shotgun to maximize damage.

If you find yourself unable to dodge Nemesis' charge, use the surrounding environment to block his charge and serve as a barrier between you and the creature. Keep shooting and use the supplies in the surrounding area to take the creature down.

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