Resident Evil 3 2020 - Nemesis Second Form Boss Fight

Nemesis is back and stronger than ever

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Apr 2020

Nemesis doesn't die easily and is back in his new form. Here's how to take it down again.

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Make sure you bring the grenade launcher to this fight with mines.

Nemesis will start the fight with a series of strong close-range strikes. Most of these actions in the same way, with a few to close the gap between him and Jill. The dodge is your best friend here. If enough damage is dealt you can stun Nemesis and expose the parasite for increased damage. DO NOT USE YOUR MINES! While tempting the mines are best used for the second part of the fight.

During the second phase is where Nemesis will get angry. Not he'll start to run around the stage, use your mines to knock Nemesis from the walls. If you cannot knock Nemesis down he'll leap from either the Clocktower or the wall to attack Jill.

Nemesis will continue this attacking pattern until killed. Like the previous fight, there are supplies around the area, including mines. But be frugal as once you run out that's it.

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