Resident Evil 3 2020 - Final Boss Fight Guide

Defeat Nemesis inside the Nest

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Apr 2020

Nemesis is back again, this time hunting Jill inside the Nest. Here's how to take him down again.

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Nemesis will start the fight similar to the last fight. Using close-range attacks but this time much quicker. Nemesis is angry and has more hit points so be prepared with more grenade ammo and shotgun shells. Unlike the previous fight, resources are limited in this fight so bring everything you have since you'll be bleeding ammo throughout this fight.

During the second phase is where the fight will become intense. Nemesis will start to run around the arena, similar to before, but this time you'll need to shoot the generators to knock and shock Nemesis down. Carlos is here to help and will spot Nemesis for you, telling you which generator he's behind and even do some damage.

During the fight adds will spawn, take them down immediately. While they don't seem threatening these zombies can proof vexing as they attack Jill and chase her around the arena. The fight will go on like this until Nemesis is killed. It's an endurance but keep shocking Nemesis and dealing with the adds.

After the fight is done, Nemesis will return again. This is the final boss fight against the creature.

When it begins, turn around and use the railgun on Nemesis. After the gun will need to be recharged. Nemesis will spawn large glowing growths on his body. Shoot all of them to knock the creature down and provide Jill with time to push in the batteries. Repeat this process until all the batteries are placed back into the slots. Shoot Nemesis 1 more time to end the creature.

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