5 Tips for Completing Resident Evil 3 on Inferno Difficulty

How to complete Resident Evil 3 2020 on the hardest difficulty

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Apr 2020

You've completed Nightmare mode in Resident Evil 3 and now have Inferno mode left. Resident Evil 3 may be short but on Inferno mode, this 3 hours adventure can feel like an eternity. With a combination of powerful enemies, random and reduced items, and a Nemesis on speed. Here are some tips for completing the game on Inferno.

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5. Get the Infinite Rocket Launcher

Save your pride and get the infinite rocket launcher from the shop. If you need points you can farm kills by reloading saves with high enemy counts such as Carlos defending the hospital. Unless you're extremely confident in your dodging ability, purchase this OP game-breaking item. It can 1-shot almost anything, with the exception being Nemesis.

When facing the beast shoot the creature's feet or return fire after dodging. Nemesis will dodge most of the shots, especially when walking towards Jill. 

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4. Conserve All Your Healing Items

You're going to need every healing item for the final encounter. While keeping a few in your inventory is wise if you happen to get hit have at least 5 full heal items in your item box.

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3. Tokens

You can purchase tokens from the shop that increase Jill's defense, offense, and add regeneration. You can purchase 2 of each token that increases the effect with you have 2 in your inventory.

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2. Practice Dodging

Even with every advantage, you need to perfect Jill's dodging. You can purchase Chris' book that increases the window for a perfect dodge but practice, practice, and practice. Nemesis' final form isn't a joke and can easily 1-shot Jill even with the token upgrades.

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1. Avoid Risk

It seems simple, it's not. Players desperate for items will often make unnecessary risks to areas that may house valuable items. They might or it can cost you more than you gain. In Inferno, Capcom ensured that the routes that often had supplies range from having something very useful or downright worthless.

Stick to the main path. From my experience it has everything you need and heading out to explore will often lead to an early grave. It also helps if you want to get that S rank because if you don't complete the game in 2 hours and 30 minutes with 5 or fewer saves you're going to have to it all again. 

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