Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat SOLDIER 3rd Class Roche

Defeat fellow SOLDIER Roche

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Apr 2020

Cloud wasn't the only SOLDIER and as luck will have it will encounter a 3rd Class SOLDIER in his adventure through Midgar. With Roche taking an interest in Cloud and wanting nothing more than a fight.

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The first fight is skippable but shouldn't be. With Rochet Chasing Cloud and Jessie through the streets. The fight is straight forward, with Rochet using close-range melee swings and racing ahead to shoot lighting at Cloud. The basic tactic is to evade and counter-attack when Roche is exposed. You can use the Blade Beam when he gets out of range. Eventually, the next scene will trigger and Cloud will disable Roche's bike but this won't be the last of the SOLDIER.

The next part of the fight begins after fighting waves of Shinra Soldiers inside the base. Roche will appear wanting to continue their fight and the SOLDIER wants it to be fair. The fight will start with Roche healing all damage and restoring Could's MP fully.

The first part is Roche using basic attacks and lightning material. He'll occasionally dodge but nothing too major, he's basically an Elite Shinra guard in this phase.

The final phase is where Roche gets serious. Now he'll actively dodge and charge Cloud. If you have counterattack this fight will be a breeze. If you don't make sure not to get too cocky. Keep attacking Roche and he'll instant counter Cloud and knock him down. The key is to manage your attacks, usually 3 strikes before pulling back. Don't try to attack until he attacks first or he'll dodge. Keep waiting for Rochet to hit then swing back.

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