Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat Rude

Another member of the Turks wants to fight

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Apr 2020

Reno was light on his feet but his partner Rude is a tank and doesn't appreciate Cloud attacking his partner. With the Turk agent ready to take both Cloud and Aerith on.

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Rude is different that he's not fast but can take a hit. He won't stagger and will not only knock Cloud or Aerith down but follow up with a throw to hit the other. Rude is not settle so it's easy to dodge or counter his attacks, and if he chases you run until he gives up. Don't try to overstay your welcome unless Rude is Staggered or knocked off balance.

During the final phase, Rude will start to use shockwaves which are easy to dodge but he'll also grab more often. Hit and run is the best static here and if you have counterattack it'll end this fight easily.

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