Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat Ghoul

Defeat the lost soul

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

Ghoul is haunting the train yard and wants to play, meaning it's time for a deadly fight. Here's how to defeat Ghoul.

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First off, the creature is very weak to fire and you'll need magic for this fight. So equipped Fire material and if necessary elemental material linked with Fire to either to Tifa or Cloud. Also have Aerith stacked with Healing material and Pray, while keeping Cloud and Tifa on offense.

Ghoul will largely use Telekinesis to attack, throwing objects towards the party. When enough damage is dealt it'll reposition by becoming immune to damage. It'll also use Piercing Scream to stun melee fighters but fortunately, Aerith can attack from afar. If Ghoul becomes immune to physical attacks start to use magic or Aerith's default attack since its magical. Always keep Aerith far from Tifa and Cloud to prevent everyone from getting stunned.

During the second phase, Ghoul will rearrange the room and start shooting projectiles and laying fire traps on the floor. Along with its previous attacks such as Piercing Scream and Telekinesis. It will attempt to drain party members of their health and shift between being immune to physical and magical damage as well. Alternate between characters and keep aware of what attacks Ghoul is charging. Fire is the best way to Stagger the creature and keep Aerith at a distance with a charged ATB meter, as you may need healing throughout the fight.

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