Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat Eligor

How to defeat Eligor in Chapter 11

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

Ghoul isn't the only boss of Chapter 11, Eligor is the final boss of the chapter. With the fiend feeding on the fears of those inside the graveyard. Here's how to defeat the dark fiend.

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Eligor is weak to Thunder material so equipped that to Tifa and Cloud. If you have elemental material link it to Thunder material for either 1 of your melee fighters. Eligor's wheels will reflect melee damage but its horse is open to attack. Simply beat the horse down till the second phase begins.

Now, Eligor will start to fly around the stage. It'll use 2 major attacks, Javelin Bolts that can be avoided using the cargo container and a Javelin that locks onto the active character's position before falling down. The second attack is easy to avoid, just dodge before it falls.

Aerith is invaluable here and Thunder magic but you'll need Subversion Material to break the Reflect barrier. If you don't have Subversion you'll have to wait it out or use Cloud or Tifa to attack Eligor. Keep your distance and use the cargo container to your advantage and Eligor should fall.

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