Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat Reno and Rude

Defeat the Turks

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

During Chapter 12 both Reno and Rude will team up against Cloud and his friends. With the Turks using every advantage to accomplish their mission.

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The fight will open up with Reno. He'll use many of the techniques in the previous fight but this time is much faster. Uses an electrically charged dash that leaves a trail and a combo attack if he gets a hold of anyone. After a large EMP blast, Reno will get tired. When Reno becomes vulnerable to attack. Keep on the defensive until this opening is revealed.

The next phase will have Rude bombing the area with his helicopter. Use Barret to take down the helicopter and charge Tifa and Cloud's ATB meter for when Reno rejoins the fight. Keep Tifa and Cloud on Reno while using Barret on the Helicopter. Thunder magic is ideal for the helicopter.

Once destroyed Rude will join Reno in the fight. Rude will use the same tactics as his original fight. However, this time Reno will also use his iconic Pyramid attack. When done make sure to attack and break them or it'll be game over if he incases everyone. Much of the fight is about managing Reno and Rude but it's best to take out Reno first since he dodges everything and Rude second. Since Rude isn't as nimble.

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