Final Fantasy VII Remake has another Shinra monster buster for Cloud and friends to take down. This time its the Mark 99 Anti-fiend Artillery better known as the Valkyrie. Here's how to beat it.

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The first part of the fight is just running. Escape the war machine by evading gunfire and using the cargo containers as shields. The second phase is the actual fight. The Valkyrie is weak to electrical damage so that means Thunder material and elemental material. Link Barret with Elemental + Thunder and use Maximum Fury constantly, which is part of Big Bertha's proficiency tree and can be purchased at the park.

The third phase will have the Valkyrie use a giant laser along with its high-powered machine guns. Use cover when necessary and avoid the Antipersonal Gas. It occasionally uses Firewheel but this close-range attack is easy to avoid. When it calls its laser is where you'll have to take a major risk. Kite the laser towards the Valkyrie to cause major damage and break its shielding. This will open Valkyrie to major damage, just don't get caught in the laser. Keep up the assault with Thunder material, Maximum Fury, and if you have the option to summon use it.

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