Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat H0512

Defeat Hojo's deadly monster

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

Hojo has a lot of experiments but one of the most dangerous is H0512. Which looks like a combination of Cthulhu, crabs, and Death. Here's how to beat it.

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During the first phase, it's a straight fight. With H0512 having access to strong melee attacks and weak to nothing. It's resistant to Thunder damage so don't use electrical damage.  It'll summon H0512-OPT, which are small beetle-like creatures that can swarm Cloud and his allies if not taken care of. Use Tifa's Showstopper and Barret's Maximum Fury on the adds while Cloud focuses on H0512. Keep your limit breaks for the final phase if you have them.

During the second phase, it'll summon more beetle adds throughout the fight. As before, take them out before they overwhelm you. Keep Cloud on the main target while Tifa and Barret kill the adds.

During the final phase, H0512 will now use poison based-attacks. Along with powering up the adds. This is an all-out rush as the entire field is covered in poison. Use whatever you can to keep alive and every attack to kill the creature. Summon, Limit Breaks, use everything.

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